Logrosalsa 2018 (4th Edition)

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From Saturday 24 of February at 11:00 to Sunday 25 of February at 06:00
Bachata - Kizomba - Mambo - Pachanga - Salsa - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata - Urban Kizz
This event finished on 25 Feb 2018


Villa Lucia
Logroño Errepidea, s/n,
01300 - Guardia
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Logrosalsa 2018 is already here, loaded with novelties, a lot and very good dance and even more so, an illusion that we all enjoy together as a family.

The day will be Saturday, February 24,2018.

The venue where classes, dinners, shows and parties will take place: the VILLA-LUCIA gastronomic space in Laguardia.

Sync by YYeTs. net

The hotel where you can stay, eat and have breakfast: Hotel Villa de Laguardia. Sync by YYeTs. net

It will be a day full of incredible workshops in the morning and afternoon, lunch, dinner, shows and social dancing until 6:00 am.

The dancers and assistant instructors are:

Ye Mambo

Ye Mambo Txikis

Erik and Monica

Zergio and Eva

Eneko and Cristina

Thomas and Laura

Kike and Pepa

Aitor and Agurtzane

Artiz and Naia

Jairo and Monica

There will be three rooms:

1- Sauce (mambo)

2- Kizomba

3- Bachata (80%) and commercial sauce (20%)

The DJs in charge of the music will be:


Dj Charly Travieson

Dj Pablo Bat

Dj Bruno

Dj Fran


Dj Julio Son

Dj Oscar


Dj Kike

The prices will be:




You can now begin to book your place both for workshops with the full pass and for dinner at 606 501 494. Dinner will take place in the VILLA-LUCIA gastronomic area. An exquisite menu for only 25€, drinks included.

Those of you who are interested in booking in the four star hotel Villa de la guardia of the group sercotel, rooms or food, or both, you can call 945600560 informing that you are going to the congress with the code LOGROSALSA to apply the reduced price established for the event. The price of the double room is 75€, with the option of breakfast buffet x 10€ more. The meal will be a delicious menu of 18 € drinks included.

We will post the rest of the information about the exact location, photographs so that you know the place and the dishes, other possible accommodation in the area, as well as the menus, the table of workshops and the exact times of each of the activities.

We are waiting for you.

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