Workshops with China SoulZouk

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From Saturday 24 of February at 18:00 to Sunday 25 of February at 21:00
This event finished on 25 Feb 2018


Pirámida Dance
C/Pallars, 85, 3º 4ª
08018 - Barcelona


ZoukDevils proudly announces that we are gonna have a weekend of workshops with China Soulzouk, the creator of SoulZouk, in our home city of Barcelona.

All workshops are open level, and will cover a variety of techniques/concepts, including connection, leading, head movements, and other Soulzouk fundamentals.

Todos los talleres están abiertos a todos los niveles, y tocarán varias técnicas y conceptos, incluyendo conexión, liderazgo, movimientos de cabeza y otros fundamentos del SoulZouk.


**Water and snacks will be provided.**

# Prices:

- 30 € / day / person

- 50 € / day / couple (25 € / person)

- 55 € / both days / person (27.50 € / day)

- 90 € / both days / couple (22.50 € / day / person)

* Couples must consist of one leader and one follower

* Each day consist of two 1 hour long workshops and 1 hour of guided practice.

Buy your pass by Feb 10th and receive a gift (ZoukDevils bag or notebook, subject to availability)

# About China:

China is the creator of Soulzouk. A dancer since 1998, he received the “Best of the year” award, zouk category, in Rio de Janeiro in 2004. In 2005, he started as a choreographer and a teacher, and since then has taught his methodology in more than 300 workshops and 60 congresses. Nowadays, he is based in Brasilia but travels the world to share his knowledge and his passion for dance.

# About Soulzouk:

Soulzouk has been gathering dedicated following among zoukeiros because of its contemporary look, with a basic premise: to respect the fundamental principles of the performance of human movement. Other characteristics of the methodology are:

1. The relationship with the music: Soulzouk explores the melody.

2. A focus on movement creation, a philosophy that has generated continuous innovation and given the zouk scene a number of its most iconic moves.

3. Differentiated lead - In Soulzouk, the lead not only comes from arms and hands, but from the whole body (arms, hands, legs, shoulders, torso, head ...).

4. Musical Variety - Soulzouk allows to interpret many different styles of music from zouk itself to R & B, hip hop, cabo love ...

5. A great concern for the safety and / or comfort of the dancer. Soulzouk movements and techniques were all vetted by an expert in biomechanics, a physical coach, in order to obtain more gain with less effort, as it should be in all physical activities.


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