D.A. Salsa Project

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From Monday 12 of February at 19:00 to Wednesday 28 of February at 20:00
Dansatorii Anonimi D.C. Primaverii, nr.2 700264 - Iasi
This event finished on 28 Feb 2018


Dansatorii Anonimi D.C.
Primaverii, nr.2
700264 - Iasi


Dear dancers and dancers,

Dancers Anonimi D.C. come to meet you with a new project!

I have successfully completed the first, and at your request the second Bachata project!

It's time to do something for Salsa lovers!

So starting February 12th, we start the "Funny Moves" project in Salsa!

When will the project take place?

Every Monday and Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00, for one month (8 sessions)

How much does it cost?

120 lei (80 lei for the participants in our modules)

Special offer for lovers' day - 200 lei / couple (in everyday life not just for dancing :))))

Limited locations: 26

Project level is intermediate. In order to be able to participate, those who are willing to do so should consider the following:

1. To be able to dance lightly on music without difficulty in keeping pace

2. Know the basics (basic step, crossings lead, combinations, variations, closed pair positions, open, simple arm games)

3. Know basic principles of leadership and follow-up

Recommendation: minimum 6 months of dance activities

What will we learn?

Figures and combinations with medium, funny, surprising, challenging degrees of difficulty: D

So, we are waiting for your enrollments through a messenger to Dancers Anonimi D.C., Marius Turcu or Elena Radu DA! Attention - limited places!

Please ask only those who know that they can participate in the full month, because we want to ensure throughout the project that there is no significant imbalance between the number of girls and boys. Thank you!

For details, the same contact data;)

Dancers Anonimi D.C.

Elena Radu DA

Marius Turcu

Let's dance! Let's dance and have fun!

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