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From Wednesday 12 of September at 20:30 to Wednesday 12 of September at 21:30
This event finished on 12 Sep 2018


Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 491
08030 - Barcelona


It is necessary to distinguish the presence of two classical schools of great importance: the English (Royal Academy) and the Russian. At first the movements are more theatricalized and more feminine for women, while in the second they are usually more sober and natural. However, the particular style of each dancer is different, depending on the influence of their masters and their personality.

The technique of classical dance has a certain difficulty, since it requires a concentration to dominate the whole body, adding in addition a training in flexibility, coordination and musical rhythm.

The class is structured in two fundamental parts, paying close attention to the principles of the technique of academic classical dance.

In the first place, there will be a specific warming and applied to classical dance. And, secondly, more attention will be paid to the expression of the ballet with jumps and diagonals.

The class is aimed at all those who have practiced classical dance, as well as those who want to start and learn the basic technique of classical ballet.

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