Bailes de salón

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From Wednesday 12 of September at 19:30 to Wednesday 12 of September at 20:30
Ballroom dancing
This event finished on 12 Sep 2018


Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 491
08030 - Barcelona


In ancient times, he danced to express emotions and beliefs.

In the Renaissance, the dance takes a social form and transforms itself into a combination of pleasure and physical exercise with an important communicative and playful component.

At the beginning of the century the Vals, Polca and Pasodoble are danced.

The Danzón, Habanas and Rumba arrive well in Latin America and Tango is introduced in Paris from Buenos Aires.

In the following two decades, the Rumba is danced, it becomes fashionable: the Bolero, the Sauce and the Cha-cha-cha. Between 50 and 60 the Rock and Roll arise. At 70, the disco music was danced Hustle, Chicago, New York. The 80s are the years of Break-dance, Tecno and also Lambada. Shyly begins to dance the "slow", the resurgence of the so-called Salon Balls begins.

The 90s bring the Soca, the Tango and Mambo. The last to arrive was the Merengue.

We have, then:

-Balls of Standard Lounge:

They are a clear expression of sobriety and elegance, characteristic of countries, the time and social levels in which these dances were developed.

-Vale Vienna:

It has its origin in Germany, but curiously it is in Vienna where it achieves its great popularity.

It is, without a doubt, the base of the Salon Dancing.

Couples perform it with rotating and translational movements. It consists of a few figures and has a very fast pace. It requires a lot of practice.

It is possibly one of the most elegant dances.

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