Oriental dance

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From Thursday 13 of September at 19:30 to Thursday 13 of September at 20:30
Belly Dance - Oriental dance
This event finished on 13 Sep 2018


Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 491
08030 - Barcelona



The benefits of oriental dance are both physical and mental. Dancing is a good cardiovascular exercise, it helps improve both flexibility and strength. At the same time, it works directly on the corporal energy centers, eliminating tensions and harmonizing the energy; for pregnant women, it is an excellent exercise to prepare the belly before childbirth and after this, it helps to recover the area of ​​the abdomen; It stimulates femininity. It focuses mainly on the muscles of the torso, but also improves strength in the legs. Many dance styles emphasize working muscles in isolation, teaching how to move several muscles or muscle groups independently. The movements that incorporate the veil also strengthen the arms, shoulders and upper trunk in general, while the rattles increase the strength of the fingers, working them one by one. The oriental dance is

appropriate for all ages and for people of any constitution, being the dancer who controls the level of physical demand. For many of its advocates it is beneficial for the mind, since it promotes self-esteem, improves the degree of well-being of those who enjoy practicing it regularly.

Some doctors recommend it to their patients to recover from childbirth, as well as preparation for it, since the movements strengthen and provide muscle tone to the pelvic area.2

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance. In addition to its performance in religious ceremonies, it was also part of the preparation exercises for childbirth, making it one of the oldest forms of instruction so that giving birth was less painful and more satisfying. It is even said that at the time of childbirth, some women of the tribe surrounded the parturient while performing the belly dance, so that it made the same movements as a reflex, thus reducing the pain of contractions.

There are videos about natural childbirth where you can witness the woman giving birth standing, dancing and letting herself be carried away by the music and the natural rhythm of her contractions, gently moving her hip while her baby makes its way through the birth canal.

Oriental dance and weight loss

Apart from being an artistic manifestation, the oriental dance has been adapted as an exercise program. Being a complete cardiovascular workout and strengthening the abdominal muscles, it is gaining popularity among men and women who want to lose weight, gain flexibility and firmness and lose belly quickly. An intense sixty minute session can burn around 330 calories. As well as, it get better posture. It is a discipline that has no age limit or physical frame

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