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From Thursday 13 of September at 20:30 to Thursday 13 of September at 21:30
This event finished on 13 Sep 2018


Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 491
08030 - Barcelona


Bollywood is one of the dances of fashion today. Although previously only known in India, the film industry made it cross borders and baptized as we know it now. If you think that you lack reasons to encourage you to learn the secrets of this type of dance, here we give you the benefits that bring you practice Bollywood.

It helps to lose weight, to mold and stylize the figure.

It is recommended for those who have cervical problems.

All the muscles of the body are worked.

By having to remember so many specific steps and movements, dance is an excellent way to stimulate memory.

Flexibility and coordination are other aspects in which the benefits of practicing classical dances can be observed.

Sports in general, are very effective to reduce tensions and relieve stress. The same thing happens with classical dance, with more delicate movements.

It is not a secret that practicing physical activities is often good for the heart. This is another of the great benefits of practicing classical dances.

It helps relieve worries and acts as an antidepressant. Many people of advanced age or who feel exhausted by other activities, find in the dance the opportunity to alleviate the problems that take away the tranquility.

It is a very effective way to stay energetic or energetic and full of life.

It is excellent to socialize. You will find people who share interests that have some resemblance to yours. It is a way to communicate effectively.

The colorful clothes, movements and music will fill you with vitality and joy. It is almost necessary to maintain a great smile while dancing bollywood, but do not think it is something forced, when you try it you will see that it is automatic. Also, when trying a group dance the rehearsals will be the most fun.

It facilitates the connection between your body and your mind, achieving an inner peace and a tranquility that you did not feel for a long time.

Each movement has a meaning. It is the perfect dance to express your feelings and your most intimate emotions. Unhook and release all your worries while you are filled with good vibrations.

Instead of releasing energy, the bollywood will help you channel it correctly inside you. As a result, you will feel much better with yourself and your well-being will be reflected in your physical appearance.

It is a good way to exercise. Keep your entire body active and exercise those muscles that do not have much mobility in your daily activities.

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