Pasión M Night - Workshops + Party on October 5th in Barcelona

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From Friday 5 of October at 19:30 to Saturday 6 of October at 06:00
Bachata - Cha Cha Cha - Salsa - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata
This event finished on 06 Oct 2018


Carrer Ramón Martí i Alsina, 44
08911 - Badalona
11 October 2018

Noche super divertida, la mejor musica del mejor dj del momento en bachata(djhusky) la mejor organización, con los mejores artistas, muy buenos shows, muy buenos talleres y super divertida la conferencia!

08 October 2018


08 October 2018
07 October 2018

Me pisaron y me levantaron la uña. No se preocuparon mucho. Me tuve que hacer yo las curas

07 October 2018

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THE STRONGEST DANCE PARTY IN BARCELONA! 2 Halls in more than 1500 square meters! We gather and bring to Barcelona a great part of the Sensual Bachata family and the best Mambo and Salsa Artists! Enjoying like in the best congresses, congresses that are so many kilometers away!

After the success of the first CONFERENCE, here will be the second edition with other great world references of dance! Sharing their most surreal experiences or will give the secrets and advice, both for those who want to dedicate themselves as for those who have it as a hobby!!!

You will see a great human and technical level in the workshops and shows! As well as unique parties where good energy and the same passion for dancing come together to make this night Barcelona shine from the sky! (And if it's hot, in this edition there will be a CO2 cannon to cool the atmosphere).

For those who do not come for dinner, we will provide dinner at minimum cost so you do not miss anything.

Workshops + The Conference + Shows + Food + Party + CO2 Canyon .... everything prepared so you do not miss anything and enjoy what you do not like!

The agenda:

19:30 - Home

20:00 - The Conference

21:30 - Room 1 - Sensual Bachata Workshop (Jony and Noe)

21:30 - Room 2 - Rumba Workshop (Flavor of Cuba)

22:30 - Room 1 - Sensual Bachata Workshop (Arlu and Isa)

22:30 - Room 2 - Salsa Workshop (Mambo Project)

23:30 - Room 1 - Sensual Bachata Workshop (Chaves and Silvia)

23:30 - Room 2 - Chacha mixed free steps workshop (Mario Layunta)

00:30 - Party, raffles

XX:XX - 5 Brutal Shows

06:00 - Closing

Buy your tickets before the price goes up and don't miss this amazing party!

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