Albacete en Salsa 2019 - Encuentro Internacional de Salsa y Ritmos Latinos (10th Edition)

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From Friday 8 of March at 18:00 to Sunday 10 of March at 18:00
Afro - Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Rueda casino - Rumba - Salsa - Salsa en línea
This event finished on 10 Mar 2019

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Mar 10
Albacete , Palacio de Congresos y Hotel Beatriz Albacete.
Tickets available. Save 20€.


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Come and enjoy our 10th International Salsa and Latin Rhythms Meeting "ALBACETE EN SALSA 2019".

This year it will be held from March 8th to 10th and will take place at the Palacio de Congresos de la Ciudad de Albacete and the Hotel Beatriz & SPA Albacete.

An event organized by the Cultural Association "Friends of Cuba" of Albacete, in order to promote dance and Latin rhythms as a form of coexistence and social integration, exchange and training between professionals and amateurs coming from different cities in Spain and other countries.

✨ General Program ✨

► 2 Social Dance Days

► 3 Days of workshops

► More than 30 workshops

► 1 Gran Sala de Baile Social

► 2 nights of Shows

► More than 40 performances

► More than 100 national and international artists

► IV Rueda de Casino Contest.

✨ Artists and Companies ✨

☆ Alex and Marina (Italy)

☆ Jorge Aguilar and Wualexa (Mexico - Venezuela)

☆ Franco Rocha (Uruguay)

☆ Julio and Josy (Venezuela)

☆ Alberto and Marta (Toledo)

☆ Oskar and Angela (Alicante)

☆ Cesar and Sea (Albacete)

☆ Aaron and Raquel Miranda (Albacete)

☆ Manuel Digrigoli and Stefania Nava (Italy)

☆ Ana and Orestes NY time. (Alicante)

☆ Andy and Sarai (Murcia)

☆ Jordi Mambo Brothers (Valencia)

☆ Dokka and F. Sebastian (Hungary)

☆ July and Alicia (Murcia)

☆ Bayron and Vero (Alicante)

☆ Miguel Angel and Anabel (Albacete)

☆ Marilyn D. and Ricardo Sile (Cuba)

☆ Pedro Qba (Cuba - Alicante)

☆ David and Maria (Albacete)

☆ Agustin and Amanda (Alicante)

☆ Marcos Hernandez (Cuba - Valencia)

☆ Daniel and Reyes (Valencia)

☆ Pedro and Irene (Murcia)

☆ Pablo and Sandra (Albacete)

☆ Manuel Jimenez y Maite (Albacete)

☆ David and Lorena (Alicante)

☆ Llanos Navarro and Andres (Albacete)

☆ Manuel Mascarell (Valencia)

☆ Ramon Tudela and Miriam (Valencia - Albacete)

☆ Paco and Encarni (Albacete)

☆ Euclides de León. (Dominican Republic - Albacete)

☆ Orlando González (Cuba - Albacete)

☆ Pepillo y Johana (Ciudad Real)

☆ Juanma y Ana Udance (Villarrobledo. AB)

☆ Maria José y Ederson (Albacete- Brasil)

And many more to be confirmed...


☆ Las Cumbitas (Albacete)

☆ Las Mamasitas (Italy)

☆ D -Dance Company (Hungary)

☆ Ladies Noray Dance Company (Alicante)

☆ Las Mambolinas (Albacete)

☆ Cía. de Alberto y Marta (Toledo)

☆ Cia. Salero Latino (Albacete)

☆ Cía. de Pablo and Sandra (Albacete)

☆ Bayron y Vero Company (Alicante)

☆ Miguel Angel and Anabel Company (Albacete)

☆ Los Guaracheros Company (Albacete)

☆ Project D. (Albacete)

☆ Cía. Sabor Dinámico (Valencia)

☆ Mambo Company Brother´s DC (Valencia)

☆ Pedro and Irene Co. (Murcia)

☆ Bacharengue Company (Albacete)

☆ Via Latinos. (Alicante)

☆ Cía. de Dani y Reyes (Valencia)

☆ Sofia Sanchez Company (Alicante)

☆ Mambo Rico Company (Valencia)

☆ Cía. Oskar and Angela (Alicante)

☆ Cia. Crew Company by Oleg (Alicante)

☆ Group. Amigos del Baile (Cuenca)

<font color=#38B0DE>-=★=- Proudly Presents

☆ Dj Carlos (Villarrobledo. AB) Friday.

☆ Dj Lazaro Diaz(Valencia)

☆ Dj Pablo Navarro (Albacete) Saturday.

☆ Dj Vicent Miragall (Valencia)

☆ Dj Sugar Only. Sunday.

✨★< 4º Contest-Exhibition of Rueda de Casino (Rueda Cubana) >★✨

Contest that rewards with 1,000 euros in prizes, the work of students in the school that are presented on Sunday March 10, 2018.

Consult the rules on the web: <


Comfort, unbeatable facilities, and multiple services will guarantee a unique and unforgettable stay during this meeting at the Hotel Beatriz & SPA Albacete ****. Updated prices that have changed as required by the hotel

> ★ Single room A: 60€. (only accommodation).

> ★★ Double room A+D: 65€. (bed and breakfast).

> ★★★ Triple Room A: 90€. (only accommodation).

👉 BOOK NOW! Don't run out of your room at the host hotel. 📲Llamar on 967 59 93 90. FREE PARKING.

More info:


● MEMBERSHIP BAILE🎫 (Full Pass): 30€ until 1 December, 35€ until 1 February, 40€ until 1 March, then 45€ on the web and at the box office.

● NIGHT MEMBERSHIP Sábado🎫 (Dinner Saturday + Show and Party): 35 € until March 1st.

How to Subscribe and Participate?

Buying your ticket at go&dance.

🔗NOTA: If you have any questions, please call or write us and we will be happy to help you.


Tickets without consumption and are reserved at the door, in advance at authorised points of sale or by calling 660 097 468.


Shows + Party: 15€

Congress Palace Show only: 6€.

Party only: 10€ at the door.


Workshops + Shows + Pass to Social Dance = 35€

Congress Palace Show Only: €10

Only party: 10€ (in advance): 15€ at the door.

Shows Palacio de Congresos + Fiesta: 20€ / 15€ in advance.


Workshops + IV Contest of Rueda de Casino = 15€.




🔗Facebook Event:

🚨Organizer: Cultural Association "Friends of Cuba" AB.

📧E-mail contact:

📞Movile: +34 660 097 468 (Whatsapp)

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