Mambomaniax Weekend 2018

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From Saturday 1 of December at 10:00 to Monday 3 of December at 18:00
Bachata - Mambo - Salsa - Zouk
This event finished on 03 Dec 2018


Solidarity of Salsa Ul. Elektryków
80-863 - Gdansk



The first weekend of December 2018 will be the next edition, the biggest dose of mambo for all mambomaniacs.


Amneris Martinez (Puerto Rico/Barcelona)

Antonio & Jasmina Berardi (Rome)

Fibe Mambomaniax & Kamila Grygorowicz (Gdańsk/Olsztyn)

Piotr Romanow Mayer & Sandra Guzek (Warsaw)

Krzysztof Walkowiak & Klaudia Kopiec (Gdańsk)


💣Mambomaniax as hosts of the event - Tri-City

💣Antonio and Jasmina Berardi - Rome

💣Amneris Martinez - Puerto Rico

💣SoLadies - Tri-City

💣Rose Marine Ladies - Kielce

💣Fibe and Kamila - Gdańsk/Olsztyn

💣Sandra Ladies Team - Warsaw

💣Kinga Rolińska - Tri-City

and others....


📀 Sofia Kraków

📀 Stankov (Adrian Stańko) Kraków

📀 Mayor Mayer Warsaw

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Mambomaniax party 01/12/2018 Gdańsk

The current price for a full pass is 349pln!

Full pass includes entrance to 10 hours of open level classes with top artists from Poland and abroad and entrance to Saturday's gala with shows of renowned groups and dance schools as well as invited artists.

Ask your school about group discounts ;)

Planned and confirmed classes that will take place during the #MambomaniaxWeekend include

GRAFIK! Ready for an annual 10-hour training?

We start preparing for the #MambomaniaxWeekend

Saturday 1.12.2018

12:00 pm Fibe Kamila footwork & partnerwork

13:00 Amneris bodymovement

14:00 Amneris mambo fusion


16:00 Krzysztof & Klaudia partnerwork

17:00 Antonio and Jasmina Berardi Partnerwork

18:00 Marcel SoSalsa Crash Course salsa from scratch

22:00 The evening gala, which will start with dance shows of invited artists.

After the shows we play on two floors. Parquet 1 salsa salsa salsa: dj Mayer (Piotr), dj Sofia, dj Stankov Stańko. Parquet 2. sensual (bachata, kizomba, zouk)

Sunday 2.12.2018

12:00 Amneris pachanga

13:00 Amneris

14:00 Antonio y Jasmina Berardi bodymovement


16:00 hours Antonio and Jasmina Berardi NY footwork with Afrocuban movement

17:00 Mayer & Sandra Guzek footwork & partnerwork

*The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.

Types of tickets:

*Full Pass is valid for all classes plus free entry to the event.

*Crash course tickets are only valid for beginners.

*A crash course ticket with an event is valid for a course from scratch plus an event.

*Ticket for the event

Ask for price and availability by sending us a request by e-mail:

Submissions should be sent to us by e-mail: you will receive all the information you need. :)


-Tickets such as full pass for Mambomaniax Weekend and a change of name assigned to the ticket can only be made once. The purchased ticket cannot be sold to another person.

-The change of ownership requires a FREE OF CHARGE of the difference between the price valid on the day of purchase of the ticket by the original purchaser and the price valid on the day of notification of the name change and the date of payment.

The original owner of the ticket notifies about the change by sending an e-mail to the organizer containing the name and e-mail address of the new owner to

-Resale of tickets and change of name assigned to the ticket is possible until 15 November 2018. Changes made after this date will not be accepted. The organizer does not mediate in the search for a new buyer of the ticket. The participants settle their accounts with each other.

Only the differences that may result from the price of the ticket have to be paid to the organizer.

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