10th Jornada Salsera in Calpe 2019

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From Thursday 23 of May at 14:00 to Sunday 26 of May at 21:00
Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Dominican Bachata - Flamenco - Mambo - Pachanga - Reggaeton - Rueda casino - Salsa - Sensual Bachata - Timba
This event finished on 26 May 2019


Hotel Bahia Calpe 4*
Av. Valencia, 24
03710 - Calpe
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"10th Jornada Salsera in Calpe 2019 "lux edition"

It has been 10 years, 10 editions in which we have grown and changed our format quite a lot but we will never change the most essential and characteristic of our event and is that from the first minute you will feel at home, we assure you a few days full of fun, learning and coexistence from the hand of our team of teachers with great professional careers internationally and nationally.

* our teachers

- Full Project Company From Bari (Italy)

- Alfonso Y Monica From Cartagena (Murcia)

- Orliandys MiñOso From Barcelona

- Salsaypunto, Carmen, Johnny, Marta Desde Valencia

- Ny Crew From Seville

- Bea Robles From Valencia

- Charo Salsuka From Alicante

- Collen Tyrell From Calpe

- Crazy For Dancing From Benidorm

- Martintxo Y Ainhoa, Bailasalsero Desde Pamplona

- Luis And Maria From Gandia

- Oscarito And The Lioness From Piera ( Barcelona)

- Zahira And Victor The Room Key From Gandia

- Pol Arnau Dominican Spirit From Valencia

- Nuria Ruiz From Calpe

- Marilyn Dominguez From Alicante

- Rober and Isa From Valencia

- Ansay Ruff From Valencia

- Pedro Nowak From Valencia

- Kike Fc From Valencia

- Carlos And Roxana, Laterreta From Alicante

- Anthony And Carla, Dance Essence From Valencia

- Maribel And Alberto, Dancers From Valencia

- Jose Luis And Puri From Talavera De La Reina (Toledo)


- Dj Laberto Legedario From Barcelona.

- Fermin Olaya From Valencia.

- Jhonny From Valencia.

And delighting us with his voice and live music.

Ar-latin from Valencia


- Fermin and Gloria Salsa in Calpe dance school

The whole event takes place in the impressive facilities of the Hotel Bahia Calpe by Pierre & Vacances 4*, in full board with water and wine included and rooms with capacity for 2, 3 or 4 people.

The full board regime comes into force with dinner on the day of arrival, and will end with lunch on Sunday otherwise you must notify the reception on arrival.

Single room use is not available.

The price for 3rd or 4th person in the same room is the same as above.

No refunds, only changes of ownership, low cost of € 5, until May 16. After this date we will not be able to make any kind of change in the reservations.

Party 3 days of workshops

Workshops of different styles such as salsa, bachata, mambo, casino wheel, latin jazz, timbaton, guaguanco, feminine and masculine style, kizomba, semba, free steps, flamenco, pachanga, timba, reggaeton, corporal expression and gestures, musicality applied to Latin rhythms etc...

And of course "" our super battle""

3 nights party

Every day we will have afternoon on the upper terrace of the hotel and party on the beach Arena on the promenade.

Thursday 23

To inaugurate the 10th Jornada Salsera we will celebrate the welcome party from 23.00h.

Friday 24

At 23.00 hours musical performance with Ar-Latin to continue with

00.30h our traditional theme party. That in this edition will be fluor party, let's see who shines more tonight. For it we will celebrate a contest to see who is more fluorescent, special makeup and thematic gifts.

In the cabin we will have Dj Legendario and Dj Johnny.

Saturday 26

23.00 hours door opening

23.30 hours this year as a special celebration for our lux edition we will have a great show night by our artists.

00.30 hours great gala party 10th Day Salsera.

Where they will be in cabin Dj Legedario, Fermin Olaya and Johnny Dj.


Option A:

Full Pass workshops + parties: 40 €.

from 13 February 50€

from 13 April 60€.

from 13 May 70€

Option B:

full pass workshops + parties + 1 night accommodation in full board wine and water included 99€.

from 13 February 109€

from 13 April 119€

from 13 May 129€

Option C:

Full Pass workshops + parties + 2 nights accommodation in full board wine and water included 165€.

from 13 February 175€

from 13 April 185€.

from 13 May 195€.

Option D:

full pass workshops + parties + 3 nights accommodation in full board wine and water included 195€.

from 13 February € 205

from 13 April € 215

from 13 May 225€

Option E:

full pass workshops + parties + 6 nights accommodation in full board wine and water included 315€.

from 13 February 325€

from 13 April 335€.

from 13 May € 345

* All packs with or without accommodation include:

- All workshops on Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26.

- All holidays on Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25.

- The performance of the singer Ar-Latin on Friday 24.

- The night of shows on Saturday 25

- And the afternoon (Fiestas por la tarde) on Friday in the Calpe Diem terrace of the hotel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Passes for days or only holidays will be on sale a few days before the event if the capacity allows it.

Method of payment

In go&dance.


the organization reserves the right to refuse admission as well as the possible modification of schedules or activities but never to the detriment of the event.

More information, reservations and conditions will appear on our official website of the event: www.jornadasalsera.com

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