MasterClass of Cajón with José Montaña

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From Saturday 23 of February at 17:00 to Saturday 23 of February at 20:00
Espacio Artístico al óleo Calle Ánimas ,3 30003 - Murcia Murcia
This event finished on 23 Feb 2019


Espacio Artístico al óleo
Calle Ánimas ,3
30003 - Murcia

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Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1984, he began his studies at the age of 14 at the Maestro gombau music school (Madrid).

At 16 he makes his first debut in a series of flamenco festivals called "Los Almaizares", playing with José de Luna.

He is a student of the most renowned flamenco percussionist "El Piraña". Also Lucky Losada, Ramón Porrina and Sabú.

While growing up in flamenco, I was taking Afro-Cuban lessons with Miguel "Anga" Díaz, multipercussionist Pepe Espinosa, singer and percussionist Pedro "pedrito" Martínez, José Luis Quintana "Changuito", Tata Guines, Giovanni Hidalgo and much more.

He studied in Cuba with Chucho valdes percussionist Yaroldi Abreu and with Adonis Panter and the percussionists of the group Yoruba Andabo.

The most inspiring form of his music is the multi-instrumentalist and bassist Alain Perez (Grupo Paco de Lucía), also his teacher.

On the path of purest flamenco, he studied at Amor de Dios (Madrid Flamenco School) taking the rhythm of the most interesting part of flamenco ... "The dance", and developing that in the CAJÓN ... Beginning to perform with rhythmically virtuoso flamenco dancers such as Alfonso Losa, Niño de los reyes, Juan de Juan, Antonio and Manuel Reyes, Antonio Canales and many more.

He also knows African drums, Bata, Djembe, Dum Dum, Brazilian percussion, Afro Peruvian and Indian music, which leaves him the space to mix cultures.

He has been playing with incredible jazz, flamenco and world music artists like:

Alain Pérez, Richard Bona, Jorge Pardo, Chano Domínguez, Antonio Rey, Antonio Serrano, Javier Limón, Antonio Canales, Jerry González, Montse Cortés, Javier Massó Caramelo, and Tino di Geraldo.

Enrique Heredia "El negri", Israel Fernández, Rafael Amargo, Rojas &.

Rodríguez, Cristóbal Reyes and Juana Amaya, Amador Rojas, Agustín Carbonell "El Bola", Lara Bello, Sandra Carrasco, Dan Ben Lior, Paco Cruz, Nino de los Reyes La Talegona, David Paniagua and Sonia Olla, Javier Colina, Diego Guerrero, Rycardo Moreno, Aleph (Lebanon), Yelsy Heredia, Pete Lockett, Yuri Juárez.

Now as an Artist of De Gregorio Cajón he performs in all the best international percussion festivals, such as:

Namm (California USA)

Fiesta Del Tambor (Havana Cuba)

14th Cajon Seminar (Barcelona, Spain)

D52Ankara Drumfest (Turkey)

Drumscene Magazine

London Drum Show (Great Britain)

Singapour Drum Festival Last weekend (Singapour)

New York Masterclass at the CCC Center for the Performing Arts

Australia Ultimate Drummers Weekend #AUDW (Australia)

Next up are Eric Moore, Cris Coleman, Dave Elicht, John Riley, Greg Bisonette,

Endorsed by Cajón DG, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals & G-Drums

He currently runs workshops all over Spain. Europe and USA.

Since 2016 he has held workshops all over the world Italy (Borgolavezzaro Milan Novara, Verbania, Rome) Germany, Turkey (Ankara Istanbul) Singapore, London, New York, Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Brisbane) Spain (Barcelona, Madrid Bilbao, Murcia) Encajonarte, Primitivo, Escola D'Akokan,

Korea (Seoul) in the center of Cajon

Canada In Studio Zuruba with PercuSoul

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