Poi Dance®! Dance with cariocas (all levels)

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From Saturday 9 of February at 00:00 to Saturday 29 of June at 00:00
This event finished on 29 Jun 2019


Sylvia Enyd


Espai Lur
C/ Sant Crist 25
08014 - Barcelona

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Learn to dance using cariocas to the rhythm of the music!


- Intensive Saturday 2h /Regular groups 1h per week (Tuesday or Wednesday)

- Material is lent

- Imprescindile previous reservation

What is Poi Dance® or dance with cariocas? What methodology do we use?

It is called "poi o carioca" a ball that hangs from the end of a string with which a series of movements or drawings are made in the air. This ball can be light, fire or even accompanied by a silk veil, depending on the effect you want to cause.

Sylvia Enyd, main collaborator of the method in Barcelona, is trained in the technique of M.Brynhild PoiDance® 1999.

PoiDance® is an art that as a whole is enriched and differentiated in many fields (music rhythm, dance steps, body expression, body looseness, musical rhythm, stage rules, cariocas technique...), respecting this whole for its efficiency, visuality and stage elegance. Forming choreographies, through a specific methodology and teaching program in which it is elaborated with specific exercises for the ease of digesting and learning this art. And finally, for being a dance with its regulated brand, that is, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity, to save it from fraud, unfair competition, confusion to students who want to learn this style. Offering you the security that you learn what you are looking for, with previously officially and loyally trained teachers.

More info: sylviaenyd.com


Yes, you can come and try a 1h class for free without obligation (Tuesday at 20h or Wednesday at 18h). However, you should know that this offer does not apply to Saturday 2h intensive courses.

If you are interested in taking the course, we will inform you about all our timetables and prices :)

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