Big Russian Toosa 2019

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From Friday 21 of June at 19:00 to Monday 24 of June at 00:00
Cuban Salsa - Rueda casino - Salsa - Salsa Caleña - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea
This event finished on 24 Jun 2019


Saint Petersburg
Okrug Petrovskiy
197110 - Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg


Prokach Project Salsa
Prokach Project Salsa
25 June 2019

The hosts and dancers were very nice, but there was NO English instruction, ONLY Russian.

There were a few other problems as well.

1) There were only two workshops offered at each time, even though many teachers were sitting around and available. This meant the workshops were very very large.

2) they only had one teaching space. The second workshop was held in the lobby. It wasn't a great area for dancing.

3) I didn't like that the dancing and as stopped for live bands, but that may be a personal preference on my part. Many people enjoyed watching the performances, but I wanted to dance


TOOSA means a huge and a great party! Which, as we think, we all really need!

The fans of Cuban culture all around Russia (and not even Russia) will come during white nights to the most beautiful cultural city of Russia - St.Petersburg: to dance like crazy, train hard with the best Russian dance-instructors and make a huuuuuuuuuuuge TOOSA in a team of friends!

There will be:

• Life music /two concerts/;

• Top dancers of Russia and close countries;

• Top instructors from Russia;

• Top Russian DJ's;

• Dance battles;

• Discussions of salsa-community;

• Excursion around St.Petersburg;

• White nights;

• Crazy TOOSA!

Become a part of new step in salsa history of Russian salsa-community! Plan the dates: 21-23 of June 2019! #BIGRUSSIANTOOSA #socialdance #modernsalsa #prokach_projec



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