Málaga Temptation Festival 2022 (4th Edition)

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From Wednesday 30 of November at 18:00 to Monday 5 of December at 10:00
Bachata - Kizomba - Salsa - Sensual Bachata - Urban Kizz
This event finished on 05 Dec 2022

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Hotel IPV Palace Spa ****
a-7, km 207
29640 - Fuengirola
16 December 2022

Lo pasé genial, los talleres fueron increíbles con humor y mucha técnica

15 December 2022

Too many followers! Why did you not keep a Good balance? Very Good floors and location. Music Good but often too load.

Balance between leaders and followers is a must. Many sad Followers.

15 December 2022

Saying about kizomba/urban kiz: awful balance between leaders and followers. Women pay their passes even more expensive than man and what we get is to wait in long lines because there is not enough leaders to dance with. First 2 socials - small room and not enough space to dance. In general, during main parties - bad sound quality - none checks if the other part of the room has good level of sound. Too loud music in another part of the kizomba/urban kiz room. Workshops were messy, starting with big delays, not all teachers prepared for their classes (a lot of time wasted for technical issues with micro etc.). Taxi dancers - where? I saw few but even did not have a chance to dance with. When we pay the pass for the festival I understand that teachers are not obligated to socialize with the audience and participants on the socials or parties, but would be good that some of them shows some will to dance with everybody (not just teachers between teachers or teachers between people that they know). Creating "in front of the dj vip space" it is not really the fault of the organizers - it is what annoys me the most about the festivals. Teachers do not go to dance to other parts of the room, allowing others also to dance with them, they create their own show-off space in front of dj space. Coming back to the organization: paying for cloakroom after paying the pass it is a bit too much. On saturday there was no possibility to enter with small bags (just bag of shoes) so I could not enter with my wallet (then apparently some people were entering --- miscommunications from organizers). No possibility to enter with small bottle of water (I understand, this is the party but the party is in the hotel for the event that we pay for not small money and it is not question of being stupid but just hydrating yourself during long dance night. If I wanna buy a drink I am going to the bar available in the festival, but to wait in the long queue (no space) to buy the water is also too much. In general I liked the festival but organizers have still a lot to improve and take care of the opinions and balance for the future.

13 December 2022

The big bachata floor was great. Maybe the workshops were at times a bit too crowded. Maybe some screens would help to have more visibility in back lines? Sometimes teachers had only one microphone.

I understood there would be salsa workshops too when I bought the ticket and in the end no salsa workshops? There could have been some kind of communication about this. It felt a bit like there is a lack of transparency from the organisers in this sense.

09 December 2022

Surplus of women....about 200-300 more women than men...should be a ban on mobile phones for men...there was a clique of society...For me, social dancing means everyone dances with everyone

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🛑Bachata Artistas

✅Daniel & Désirée

✅Marco & Sara

✅Kike & Nahir

✅Abdel & Lety

✅Alfredo & Andrea

✅Sergio & Marichu

✅Dario & Sara

✅DJ york

✅DJ Khalid

✅DJ Alejandro


✅Albir Rojas

✅Ledoux Kingsman

✅JP & Stephy

✅Audi MPK & Laura

✅Rico Suave

✅Toni & Carla











🛑 SALSA ARTISTS coming soon

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