Málaga Temptation Festival 2023 (Golden edition)

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From Thursday 30 of November at 13:00 to Monday 4 of December at 08:00
This event finished on 04 Dec 2023

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Hotel IPV Palace & SPA **** Sup.
Km 207 A-7, Playa del Castillo, s/n, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga
29640 - Fuengirola
09 December 2023

Estuvo bien y me lo pase estupendo

05 December 2023

Great location. Best floor I have ever danced on. Would've loved official merchandise to buy as a souvenir. Would've loved if the timetable gave us more options. Like when there's two lady styling classes, to not put them at the same time so leaders (or followers in other cases respectively) have an alternative to go to, or when there's a Masterclass to have a Low level alternative workshop in the other room instead of an advanced one (i.e. improver level kizz dancers who want to try bachata/salsa).

Even though I love lot's of bass I think it could've been a bit lower (at least for Bachata) since that type of music isn't really made for lots of bass. :)

I'm sure the next year is going to be even better. Thanks to everybody who's involved.

05 December 2023

Organiser Massemba was not correct about letting some women in with a leader pass and others that tried to buy their pass as a real leader, he didnt let in. There was a serious problem with the website and in that case the organisation should take the loss, not the client. And the worse was how he and the team at the desk were not using their brains nor their courtesy to assess the situation and respond correctly. Good festival thanks to good teachers/dj's, but unprofessional organisers, keep working on this!!

05 December 2023

Great event - I would definitely attend again due to the great venue, good atmosphere and the quality of those attending.

Areas that could improve;

(1) Bachata - music being played was rather random, there was no flow, the energy of the music changed with nearly every song.

(2) Salsa - myself and others attended because of the expectation salsa music would be played. One salsa song was played roughly every hour, would have expected at least 4 salsa songs in the bachata room every hour and a good selection of salsa playlist to keep up with the image of the festival.

(3) Kiz room - music was more consistent

(4) Salsa room (opened Saturday) - too far from the bachata room, hence why it was empty with a maximum 4 couples at anytime.

(5) FOOD - please please have some food stalls throughout the day and night

Thank you and looking forward to the next edition.

05 December 2023

Great event. The atmosphere was amazing, the parties were fun, workshops may be a bit crowded (open up the whole room next time), but overall, it was a great experience :)

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✅Daniel & Desiree

✅Marco & Sara

✅Kike & Nahir

✅Luis & Andrea

✅Sergio & Marichu

✅Abdel & Lety

✅Cornel & Rithika

✅Alfredo & Andrea


✅Jorge & Azahara

✅Viscaino & Carmen

✅Dj Khalid

✅Dj Manuel Citro

✅Dj Maki Mora

✅Dj One bachata


✅Pura Passion

✅Jose Rosso Latino

✅Carlos El Muñeco

✅Sara Fernandes


✅Albir Rojas

✅JP & Stephy

✅Fred Nelson & Morgane

✅Ledoux kingsman

✅Dwe & Lorena

✅Jack & Sara

✅ Karl & Nima

✅Stéphane Kizomba




✅Benoit & Snezhana

✅Davide & Laura


✅Nelson & Areseli

✅Pol & Yanira


✅Sandra Molina

✅Daniel Hernandez


✅Dj Stefanio Lima

✅Dj Pingusso

✅Dj Paraïso

✅Dj Dani

✅Dj Lisa

✅Dj Nice Life

✅Dj Carlos King...

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