Dominant Bachata Congress 2024 - Prague

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From Friday 26 of April at 18:00 to Monday 29 of April at 02:00
Staropramen - Paspův Sál (Ballroom hall) Nádražní 43/84 15000 - Prague 5
Bachata - Bachata Influence - Bachata Moderna - Sensual Bachata
This event finished on 29 Apr 2024

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Staropramen - Paspův Sál (Ballroom hall)
Nádražní 43/84
15000 - Prague 5
30 April 2024

In recent years festivals tends to go crazy with passes, often with misleading names. The name "FULL PASS" should mean that I can attend all the classes except the few (1-3) overpriced master classes. It is not full pass if there are advanced classes in parallel that I cannot attend. Either rename it to something else, or include the more advanced classes as well in the pass.

Also, giving an award to one of the competitor and then withdrawing it from him a few minutes later was very embarrassing, you should give him a full pass (an actual full pass) for next year as compensation.

Other then these, the festival was good.


30 April 2024

Photos and videos




Alfredo y Andrea (Spain)

Melvin y Gatica (France, Norway)

Janis y Zoe (Germany)

Aitor y Angelica (Spain, Lithuania)

Emilien y Tehina (France)

Sol y Laura (England, Italy)

Lukasz y Ewa (Poland)

Ilyas & Anastasia (Kazakhstan)

Mauritius & Elvira (Czechia)

Winners of Rising Stars Competition (???)

Sensual DJ: DJ Ramon (Germany)

DJ MomoLatino (Italy)

MC: Sol (England)

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