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From Friday 20 of November at 23:30 to Sunday 22 of November at 15:00
Bachata - Kizomba - Salsa
This event finished on 22 Nov 2015


Nh Ciudad de Valladolid
Avenida de Ramón Pradera 10-12
47009 - Valladolid


We have been enjoying five editions in which we can learn to stop. Well, we seeeeeguimos making war and eager to become the 6th ... so, Salséalo with Kizomba Leon organized on Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November at the NH Ciudad de Valladolid, the "VI KIZOMBÉALO VALLADOLID ".

WORKSHOPS +++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++

We Kizomba, Semba Tarraxinha and couples taught by large national and international scene.

*************** BRUNO & CATARINA

From Porto have these amazing dancers of the company AFROLATIN CONNECTION. They noted for their amazing teaching, simplicity and professionalism. We are proud to have them in Valladolid. Decision making ... tooooooma jijijji ...

*************** ALPHONSE DELETTE

From Toulouse Valladolid have this great kizombero professional representing KIZOMBA Doçura and now stands out as a great teacher and dancer. Since Salséalo and Leon Kizomba we look forward to attending workshops so you know ... You can not perdéroslo!

*************** LETY & DANI (Lydkiz)

Madrid from another well known and appreciated partner in Valladolid, only this time we bring to your company newly established LYDKIZ with Alexis and Mary. Lety and Dani noted for their excellent technique and teaching. Once again ... happy to learn from you guys !!!

**************** PEDRO & XANA

They come from Lisbon with fun classes Semba ye could already enjoy in previous years and that both liked. And they are great known and appreciated in Valladolid.

****************** JAVI & BETHLEHEM

For the second time KIZOMBÉALO from Madrid to give master Kizomba workshops. Well known in the panorama kizombero so to learn from them without hesitation !!

*************** Chavy (Kizomba Urban)

Present in the first editions and much appreciated by the organizers and participants have the great Chavy with Semba and Kizomba workshops to always learn and enjoy from beginning to end ... It comes to give muuuucha war !!!!

******************* DJ ADON

And as in previous occasions as our beloved super DJ, with the most recent, good and surprising mixes music and non-stop dancing from start to finish.

---> Introductory workshops

In this edition there are 3 for 10 € for anyone wishing to learn, improve or test what is this Kizomba given by the organization, and Pedro & Xana Chavy.

Initiation workshops are especially suitable for all those who take very little time dancing Kizomba or for those who want to start, learn and know that it is this beautiful dance. Also encourage your acquaintances to try it !!!

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

PROGRAM +++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++

---------------------> FRIDAY 20:


Party in a common room with ADON DJ and dancers. We will have a big surprise that soon announce. There will be entertainment, lots of dancing and surprises !!! We wait from 00:00 to start the weekend!

--------------------> SATURDAY 21


- Workshops Saturday morning (11:00 to 14:00)

- Workshops Saturday afternoon (16:00 to 20:00)

- Dinner Special confraternal

- Gran Fiesta-Dance Social

--------------------> SUNDAY 22


- Workshops Sunday morning (11:00 to 14:00)

- Close Kizombéalo

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

++++++++++++++++ PRICES +++++++++++++++++

COMPLETE PACK (includes per person: Entrance Party Workshops Friday + Saturday + full day workshops Sunday + Entrance Party Saturday):

- TO SEPTEMBER 30 (including): 30 € (NOT AVAILABLE)

- Until 10 November (inclusive): 40 €

- To the event: 50 €


- Saturday morning: 10 €

- Saturday afternoon: 25 €

- Sunday morning: 20 €

-> Do not include parties

PACK ONLY HOLIDAYS: 13 € (Friday + Saturday)


- Input party and School Meeting: 7 € (with non-alcoholic drink)


- Input party shows 8 € (with non-alcoholic drink)

At night, from 00:00 we will have DJ ADON (The Tarraxa King) in the African room (siiiii have two rooms for the first time in this event), recognized as one of the best DJs of Kizomba at international level, characterized by fun, intimate and surprising sessions where q is enjoyed from beginning to end.

And even in this room queen of African music we will not only have Kizomba, Semba, tarraxinha, afrohouse ... in Kizombéalo but also will dance salsa and bachata in the living Latin music (salsa, bachata, cha- etc ...) to enjoy even more. You have to burn dinner gentlemen !!!!!

*** SHOWS: all the artists during the festival (00: 30h start on time) and more surprises !!.

*** DRESSCODE (optional):

- FRIDAY 20: soon

- SATURDAY 21: soon

********* SPECIAL DINNER SATURDAY confraternal (optional):

For anyone who wants to start with energy prior to the party, this special fraternal dinner with the participants, artists, dancers and organizing the event.

Price: 17 €

Time: 22:30

Location: NH Ciudad de Valladolid

MENU +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

Appetizer center

Small blackboard with gourmet croquettes (mushrooms and ham), cornet vegetable tempura and romesco sauce.


Cream of pumpkin soup with croutons and crispy ham

(To choose 4 days in advance)

Skewer Iberian sirloin medallions with bacon albardado


Cod with tomato


Fried milk with cinnamon flavor

Bread, water, red wine and coffee house Melita.

ACCOMMODATION ++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++


Reservations: 983 351 111 (state assistance KIZOMBÉALO):


- Double room: 48 € / night (VAT included)

- Triple Supplement 3rd person: 20 € / night VAT included

- Breakfast buffet Special price 6.6 € taxes included

PAYMENTS AND REGISTRATION ++++++++++ ++++++++++

For registration it is necessary to pay by bank transfer to the account of Ibercaja:

IBAN: ES59 2085 4905 4103 3032 4336



When making the payment must include the amount of dinner in case you decide to attend and then send the payment receipt to the email account with the following data in the mail body: Full name, DNI, chosen through email, if you attend the dinner and main course chosen in the case to come to dinner with the organization and dancers.

You do not miss the hype!!!

I hope everyone !!! Better live it to them tell you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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