Báilalo Studio Escola de Dansa
Báilalo Studio Escola de Dansa

Báilalo Studio Escola de Dansa

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Báilalo Studio has been the materialization of a project that hovered around the heads of its founders. A couple that after many classes and years of competition in Sport Dance, at the end of 2009 decided to open their own school as a concept of "different" school, with a personalized treatment in a family atmosphere but without disregarding the quality of teaching. In spite of the fact that in most schools there are typical "gymnasium" activities, in Báilalo we want to be faithful to our initial idea of a "dance school" where there are only dance or dance-related activities.

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12 August 2021

Escuela polivalente y familiar, gran ambiente y grandes profesionales


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Rambla Rafael Casanova 3,
08213 - Polinyà,


Opening hours to the public of Báilalo Studio Escola de Dansa

Monday de 17:00 a 21:00

Tuesday de 17:00 a 21:00

Wednesday de 17:00 a 21:00

Thursday de 17:00 a 21:00

Fryday de 17:00 a 21:00

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Dancint styles you can dance at Báilalo Studio Escola de Dansa courses

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