BarnaWesties - West Coast Swing Barcelona
BarnaWesties - West Coast Swing Barcelona

BarnaWesties - West Coast Swing Barcelona

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"What is the West Coast Swing?".... For those of us who dance it, it's hard to define it, perhaps because it's more about sensations than techniques and concepts.

Dance almost any style of music you like today; feel yourself sliding on the floor; look for the connection with your partner with a simple glance; make new friends; discover cities and countries........yes, maybe that's the West!

> Originally from the west coast of the United States in the jazz era, it is the dance of all generations and all rhythms. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most modern and transversal dances, since it allows improvisation and the incorporation of elements from other dance styles.

It's a "live dance". The movements that compose it continuously evolve to better adapt to contemporary music, maintaining its basic foundations. Its essence is a mixture of improvisation, technique, musicality and connection. Nobody leads and nobody follows. It is proposed and materialized.

It's a dance that drinks from different musical styles: contemporary, blues, rock, soul, country, hip hop, pop, house, disco... There's almost nothing a westie doesn't dare or can't dance.

We don't care about your flexibility, your age, your weight or your coordination... we only ask for your enthusiasm and passion for music, the rest we will do for you.

Dare to be different and learn something new, it's pure fun, we'll wait for you!

Join our courses and social dances. Visit our Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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