Escola de Ball Carmina Nadal
Escola de Ball Carmina Nadal

Escola de Ball Carmina Nadal

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At Carmina Nadal Escola de Ball you will learn to dance a large number of dance registers. We hold classes where we merge different types of dances, to offer a more complete and enriching experience for our students. If you think that dancing is your thing, don't waste any more time and come to the Carmina Nadal dance school.

You will learn all the dances of the moment, improving in movement, balance and creating your own dance style. At Escola de Ball we offer classical, ballroom, modern, Latin, contemporary, world rhythms and fitness classes.

Choose the dance register that best suits you, and at the Carmina Nadal Dance Academy we will teach you to master it, but also to find your own rhythm and personal mark. Well, dancing also means knowing your own body and learning to master balance and knowing how to be.

To learn choreographies, ballets, dances or ballets from Moorish and Christian festivals in our dance school requires effort and perseverance, but the result will always be worth it for the beauty of movement and spectacle.

All this and more is taught at the Carmina Nadal dance academy.

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