El Magatzem - Escola de Dansa
El Magatzem - Escola de Dansa

El Magatzem - Escola de Dansa

Open today from 09:30 to 22:00


Movement is inherent in man from the time he is begotten until the end of his existence. There are many types of movement, from the first movement, to the apparent movement, the harmonic. the autonomous, biblical, continuous, earth, translation, diurnal, ecumenical, induced, literary, feminist, social, natural, newspaper, primary, vibratory, violent, oscillatory,...

Dance is much more than a word. It is a discipline that instills respect in us. Respect for our colleagues, our work, our values, the environment, makes us value self-esteem, is healthy and very necessary for the current sedentarism of our society. Everyone has their own dance, we just want to help you discover your own movement.

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Calle Llenguadoc, 45 Bxos,
08030 - Barcelona,


Opening hours to the public of El Magatzem - Escola de Dansa

Monday de 09:30 a 22:00

Tuesday de 09:30 a 22:00

Wednesday de 09:30 a 22:00

Thursday de 09:30 a 22:00

Fryday de 09:30 a 22:00

Dancing styles

Dancint styles you can dance at El Magatzem - Escola de Dansa courses

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