El Puntazo - Estudio de Tango
El Puntazo - Estudio de Tango

El Puntazo - Estudio de Tango

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A tango-flavoured studio in the heart of Barcelona! Regular Argentine Tango classes from Monday to Thursday, special weekend seminars, private lessons and rehearsal room.

If you've always wanted to dance Argentine tango or if you already dance tango but feel the need to study further to build a solid foundation, this is your place!

Tango is a social dance, whose audience includes all generations and all social classes.

The group classes are a moment of learning and fundamental socialization, there we learn besides the dance to respect the codes of the milonga (social space of the Tango) and to confront us with the difficulties and the achievements of the group from a place of collaboration.

In each class we give the right space to each component of the dance: the technique, the music and the couple's dance. It is not necessary to attend in a couple, this being a good opportunity to become more in tune with the classmates.

Often - even if only for a small portion of the class - we work on the role change (leader - follower), an extremely useful tool to understand more deeply our own role.

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Calle Casanova, 3 (esc. izq. entlo. 9),
08011 - Barcelona,


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