Estudi de Dansa Laura Mestres
Estudi de Dansa Laura Mestres

Estudi de Dansa Laura Mestres

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Estudi de Dansa Laura Mestres is a dance academy located in the 18th century farmhouse Cal Centre de l'Hospitalet. We offer classes in Flamenco, Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Creative Dance and Physical Conditioning.

We understand teaching as a stimulator, dynamizer and provocateur of creative actions and reactions. It is for this reason that the basic training we will use in our Ca La Vidala project is Creative or Educational Dance. Although our pedagogical approach goes as far as mastering different techniques (flamenco, classical, contemporary), we believe that the discovery and initial learning of the child should be a non-coded body language. We understand that the first experiences in dance must be as neutral as possible from a stylistic and aesthetic point of view, until the pupil becomes aware of himself, both corporally and affectively (Robinson, 1979). We choose this formation because it participates in the knowledge of the body, increases the repertoire of movements in quantity and quality and in the development of the creative capacity of each person (Laban, 1984). It is an effective means to prevent and fight against repetitive automatisms.

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Calle Xipreret, 81-83,
08901 - Hospitalet de Llobregat,


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