Saray Gómez -  Escola de Ball
Saray Gómez -  Escola de Ball

Saray Gómez - Escola de Ball

Open today from 10:00 to 22:00


The Saray Gómez Dance School was born out of the enthusiasm, passion and work of a long professional career. The idea arises from the concerns of a professional dancer, a lover of her profession, who wants to shape her hobby in the dance school, accessible to anyone (children, youth, adults and seniors) and express their own identity in an instructive and fun way that allows you to enrich your image and personality.

The main objective is to promote dance, training and artistic education for children, young people and adults. For one band, our facilities are adapted for amateur dancers of recreational character to improve and strengthen their gestural and expressive communication, and for another band, the preparation of future professional dancers.

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Grup la Parada, 4,
08243 - Manresa,


Opening hours to the public of Saray Gómez - Escola de Ball

Monday de 10:00 a 22:00

Tuesday de 17:00 a 22:00

Wednesday de 15:00 a 22:00

Thursday de 15:30 a 22:00

Fryday de 17:00 a 22:00

Saturday de 09:00 a 17:00

Dancing styles

Dancint styles you can dance at Saray Gómez - Escola de Ball courses

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