Mushi - Escuela de Música y Danza
Mushi - Escuela de Música y Danza

Mushi - Escuela de Música y Danza

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Within MUSHI's educational project, dance is an important means of artistic expression and personal communication. The centre has two Dance Classrooms in which an enthusiastic team of teachers are able to adapt to all audiences and to the most varied demands, both in terms of age and specialities, from classical ballet to modern dance, including Spanish dance, Sevillanas, flamenco, ballroom dancing, oriental dance, etc.

MUSHI offers dance classes in which the pedagogical action is not limited to the isolated teaching of certain types of dance, but will take care of developing the artistic potential that all people possess, through the necessary body education and movement.

As in the case of music, the school will carry out the task of orienting those with outstanding aptitudes and vocations who, in their case, could prepare themselves to access professional studies.

The teaching is carried out by means of collective classes of one or two hours per week, although there is also the possibility of taking individual classes or by couples. The number of students in the groups is limited, ranging between six and twelve people, depending on the discipline and the student body. For the formation of the groups, criteria related to the demand of the students are followed, adapting to their availability and learning rhythm.

For all the specialities there are levels ranging from beginners to the most advanced groups. From the age of three onwards, beginners' classes in dance can be divided into two areas: classical dance (pre-ballet) or flamenco (Spanish dance). Young people and adults can also begin in each of the modalities.

MUSHI occasionally gives specific and intensive initiation and improvement courses such as vals for bride and groom, sevillanas for the April Fair, tango etc.

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Opening hours to the public of Mushi - Escuela de Música y Danza

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