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Danzares was born as a teaching project, to share what I have learned and what I continue to learn from the art of dance. Our priority is to impregnate our students with the passion, sacrifice, discipline, illusion, overcoming, respect, love and art that requires, the mastery or at least the understanding of this discipline.

After a trajectory with great teachers and an artistic experience in the best Dance Companies of the Spanish panorama (directors, choreographers, musicians, companions), Danzares becomes my source of inspiration to transmit everything I am as a dancer.

Since 2010, year in which our school opens its doors, course after course, our project has been reinforced by the response of our students, this has helped to firmly consolidate the project DANZARES. In this way, it has been our students, together with our way of understanding the teaching of dance, who have contributed to position our school in an outstanding place in the sector of DANCE in our region.

Our school focuses on the training of its students, following the agenda and methodology parallel to the Dance career of the Conservatory, the only degree approved by the Ministry of Education. We pursue the enthusiastic idea that, when the time comes, our students who so decide, can take the step of access to this degree, with the best and most complete training and in the most natural way.

We understand the training of the dancer in the most complete way possible, (classical ballet, flamenco, Spanish dance and contemporary) so we get a more enriching language, quality in movement and more possibility to access, when the time comes and the student so wishes, the world of work and professional.

Today it is a great pride to know that in our school coexist each year, new groups of students of initial level, with advanced levels, students who already have a significant training, which have been acquiring over the years.

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