Adagi Escola de Dansa
Adagi Escola de Dansa

Adagi Escola de Dansa

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My ear listens, my heart beats, my soul awakens, my body comes alive and moves!

The magic of music hypnotizes me and makes me vibrate, makes me feel and... DANCE!

And through dancing I give thanks, I discover in myself love, light, joy.

I'm music, I'm a musical note, I'm an instrument.

My body responds to music with love and dedication.

Sound surrounds and vibrates me, it becomes my dreams, my desires, it transports me, it transforms me and... VIVO!

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Calle Bisbe Palau, 22 ,
43800 - Valls,


Opening hours to the public of Adagi Escola de Dansa

Monday de 11:00 a 22:00

Tuesday de 11:00 a 22:00

Wednesday de 11:00 a 22:00

Thursday de 11:00 a 22:00

Fryday de 11:00 a 22:00

Dancing styles

Dancint styles you can dance at Adagi Escola de Dansa courses

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