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teacher, dancer and choreographer

Hiurma, was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, began to train as a dancer in 2006 and as a teacher of Oriental Dance in 2008, since she had her first contact with this dance she felt captivated and since then she has not stopped training, evolving and growing with it.

She began to dance with the teacher Estela Zareen, for just over 1 year and, throughout his career as a student and professional, she has received classes and workshops from different national and international teachers, such as the famous SAIDA, YAMIL ANNUM, TERESA TOMÁS, CELINA, JILLINA, ANSUYA, SADIE MARQUARDT, ALEX DELORA, SAMIA YASBEK, GLORIA ALBA, ALBA HAYAL, CRISTINA GADEA, BARAKALOFI, OSAMA MIMI FARAG, NADA CHOUAIB, JULIANA ARAGÓN, ANA BORISOVA, TOMMY KING, AMAR GAMAL, DIVA DARINA, BRENDA, ALLA KUSHNIR, ALLA AZIZA, AHLAM, MARIANELA among other great teachers.

Due to her desire to learn and recycle, from 2015 to 2019 she does the PROFESSIONAL DANCER TRAINING with Master CELINA, a very complete theoretical and practical training taught with great professionalism. Obtains the graduation of the PROFESSIONAL DANCER TRAINING in JUNE 2019.

In April 2011 she opened her own dance school Hiurma Oriental Dance and Alternative Therapies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where she taught classes and gives Oriental Dance workshops until February 2013. Before founding her school in 2011, she taught in various places, such as the Wutan Center and the Bugei Ninja Dojo Center (from 2008 to 2011).

Currently she teaches belly dance classes, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Candelaria, Adeje, private classes and Online, in addition to giving workshops, where she emphasizes the technique, the handling of the elements: cane, veil, silk fans, isis wings, etc., and in the interpretation of drum solo, Arabic rhythms, oriental classical, romantic pop, etc.

Co-founder and choreographer of the company BELLYLUSION ORIENTAL DANCE, a company that has already presented 3 wonderful shows of Oriental Dance and Tribal Fusion called TRAVESÍA, STARDUST and LEYENDAS (show premiered in November 2019). He recently formed the trio of dancers called SAPHIR with the dancers Anahi and Sonia.

* WINNER 1st Professional Prize - ORIENTAL TOUR DELUXE International Festival in November 2020 *

* WINNER 3rd Professional Prize - SEVILLA ORIENTAL International Festival 2019 *


Oriental Dance Festival, created in 2012, with Workshops, Oriental Dance Competition (1st edition in 2016) Gala of Teachers by great dancers such as teachers and guest stars TERESA TOMÁS, CELINA, CRISTINA GADEA, ALEX DELORA, EKATERINA OLEYNIKOVA , BARAKALOFI, LORENA SAAD, JULIA FARID and ROSA MONDARAY. With the participation of the Ballet Bellylusion Oriental Dance and Saphir.

She has participated and organized numerous shows in restaurants, hotels, tea shops, events and festivals (Arabian Bellynights 2009 and 2010, organized by Laial Farah and One Thousand and One Nights at the Rte. La Alhambra).

ORGANIZER of the Professional Dancers Training by Celina

Training aimed at all those dancers who want to perfect and focus professionally on Belly Dance. This training was born in 2014 in Madrid with the Oriental Dance Professional, CELINA, and in 2015 we had the opportunity to teach it in Tenerife for the first time.

The program stands out for the technical requirement and the theoretical-practical content that Celina teaches intensively. The training takes place once a month, with a minimum workload of 5 hours and a total duration of 4 to 5 years. At the end of the course, dance and theory exams are held, which guarantees learning and academic level of excellence; from 1st to 5th year.

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