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We are not just about teaching you steps to counts so that you can move in perfect unison with another partner on the dance floor - although we do that very well - Josie Neglia and Johann Zuniga are more than that! At our core, we believe that people with PASSION can change the world for the better! That’s what we believe.

We have worked with clients who have, in small ways and huge ways, brought happiness to this world through dance and changed the world for the better.

This world is a completely different place than it was a decade ago. It's a complicated, noisy and often a messy place.

When Josie Neglia's videos sold around the world in the early 2000's and she travelled across the globe teaching and performing Salsa, we were a different company back then. Josie Neglia's teaching method, clarity and strategy of getting students to master Salsa has evolved to a completely different level. However, our core values remain the same: We are very moved by those dancers who’s lives have been transformed and who transformed others through dance.
Our products honor those dancers; some living, some not, because in every dance, as our smiles light up our face, and we close our eyes to feel the passion of that moment, we are collectively feeling the passion of Latin dance within our hearts.
​Passion for Dance Moves Us; it is the Ecstasy of Life!

JosieJohann.Foundation honors the people with Passion that bring ecstasy to life, if only for short moments dancing in each other’s arms.
That is the soul of this company.

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