PYC Dance Escuela de Baile
PYC Dance Escuela de Baile

PYC Dance Escuela de Baile

Open today from 09:00 to 23:00


PYC Dance School of Castellon Dance is constituted by professionals in the sport recreational development of activities related to dance, dance and corporal expression.

We started our training of LATIN DANCES (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Chachachá) in different Dance Academies from all over Spain.

However, our apprenticeship has gone further: we have trained in other styles such as Contemporary Dance, Bachata-Tango (style that mixes bachata and tango), Afrocuban Rumba, Funky, Modern Dance, Jazz, Dance Lifts (portes) and acrobatics.

All these artistic modalities are fused according to what is understood as Latin dances, a concept that encompasses a multitude of formal aspects of dance and dance, from the most ethnic -Afrorumba-, through the most academic -Portes- and the best known -Salsa, Tango....

We are teachers qualified in Latin Dances by the Beats Academy of Castellón and by AEPBS (Spanish Association of Salon Dance Teachers).

We are teachers of Latin dances, funky, modern dance and jazz for children from 5 years old.

Also of level initiated, intermediate and advanced of adults, in different academies of the province of Castellón and of course, in our own Academy of Dance, located in the Grao de Castellón.

We carry out dance workshops, animations, shows, all this accompanied by our students who also collaborate in performances.

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Pablo y
16 January 2019

Aprende a bailar en nuestra escuela de baile en Castellón. Tenemos clases de salsa, bachata, contemporaneo, ballet, funky, zumba y muchas otras disciplinas... Si ya eres alumno nuestro deja tu valoración. Nos encantará leerla.


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