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Factory Dancers

Don Benito, Badajoz
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Es una escuela que lleva mas de 30 años funcionando en diferentes pueblos de la Region Extremeña, damos clases de: Salsa - Bachata - Rock&Roll - Cha cha cha - Merengue - Bolero - Tango - Pasodoble - Vals - Samba - Street Dance - Flamenco - Sevillanas - Rumba ..... etc En; Don Benito, Miajadas, Villanueva de la...

Be a Rainbow

Badajoz, Badajoz
In Be a Rainbow de Badajoz we have a menu of activities and dance classes of the most varied... What's eating you? We offer more than 25 different dance styles with a wide range of the best qualified teachers with a track record of more than 150 international dance awards. Any dance you want to learn you'll find at...

Boogaloo SalsaSchool Badajoz

Badajoz, Badajoz
At Boongaloo SalsaSchool Badajoz we are passionate about leisure, culture and sports, as well as Latin dances such as salsa and bachata. Join our community and discover a great passion in an unbeatable location, in rooms that are well equipped and optimal for learning to be as fun as possible.Consult us and we will...

Blackstars RYA Dance

Badajoz, Badajoz
Blackstars RYA Dance has been working since 2013 to promote art, sports and culture in the city of Badajoz, throughout the region and nationwide. We believe in the personal and emotional development of youth and adults through artistic disciplines. We offer a wide range of dance styles, including urban dance, Latin...

Sentimiento Escuela de Baile

Badajoz, Badajoz
At Sentimiento Escuela de Baile the dance classes are full of rhythm, style, technique and a great atmosphere where you can learn clearly and quickly, don't hesitate to come and try a free class! We teach different dance styles such as zumba, ballroom dancing, bachata, kizomba or Argentine tango. We also teach Pole...


Badajoz, Badajoz
Latinfeeling Perfordance Company es una empresa que imparte diferentes actividades colectivas con soporte musical. Compuesta por Javi y Cris, esta pareja lleva bailando juntos desde el año 2013, y por separado más de una década

Escuela de Baile Abasal

Almendralejo, Badajoz
Abasal is the school and association of ballroom and sports dances of Almendralejo. Only 14 years old, it has positioned itself as one of the most successful dance schools in Spain. Currently, it has 14 couples in competition, national and international and a hundred students in their quarries.· Teachers: Óscar...

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