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Classes from Monday to Saturday in Barcelona, ​​Terrassa and Martorell. All information in:


Elsa Mendes (Porto, Portugal)

In 1995 he began his formal studies of ballroom dancing at the "Espaço Latino" school in Portugal, his home country.

In 2007 he began his training in salsa On1 "L.A. Style "and On2" New York Style "with teachers such as David and Gemma (Barcelona), Emiliano Sosa (Teacher Training Course), Bittor Zubizarreta (Bilbao), YE Mambo (Zaragoza), Ax and Machete (NY), Eddie Torres and Melissa Rosado (NY).

Following the rhythms that the Angolan community took to Lisbon, with the help of teachers like Tomás Keita, Zé Barbosa, Afrolatin Connection, Petchú and Vanessa, he specialized in Kizomba. And in 2009, he was a finalist in the international contest of Kizomba in Lisbon. Currently teaches together with Sergi Gómez in Barcelona and different national and international congresses.

In the field of Oriental Dance he has been part of the Munich Neith Ballet (2010-12), performing at the shows "Desert Tour", International Festivals ... .In addition to shared stage with international masters such as Gamal Seifen, Mohamed Sahin, etc.

Throughout his dance learning path he has complemented his training by attending classes in various other disciplines such as ballet, jazz, tango, afro-cuban, afro-contemporary and tribal ...

Sergi Gómez (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

He began his training in Latin rhythms in 2008 with teachers such as David and Gemma (Barcelona), Elsa Mendes (Portugal), Andrés y Trini (Barcelona), Super Mario (UK), Korke and Judith (Spain) etc. .

His first contact with the African rhythms was with Elsa Mendes, with whom he currently teaches classes in Barcelona of kizomba and in different national and international congresses. From that moment he began his training with the great masters such as Afrolatin Connection, Petchu and Vanessa, Joao and Mafalda, Zé Barbosa and Marta, Helio Santos, etc.

He has complemented his training by attending classes in other disciplines such as jazz, tango, afro-contemporary, hip-hop, etc. In addition to training as a music teacher with 5 years of guitar and 3 of piano as main instruments among a long etcetera.

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Mar 06
Gerona , L'Azure Hotel ****
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