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Ronie Saleh

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Dancer, Teacher, Singer- & Songwriter, Speech & Language Pathologist

Ronie Saleh has been singing/composing his own songs, playing guitar & dancing on stage since childhood. During adolescence his focus was mainly Hip Hop, Breakdance and Popping. It was not until 2009 he came in contact with couple dancing; Modern Foxtrot.

In 2013 he was introduced to Kizomba and fell in love immediately, a love so strong that he left his profession as a Speech & Language Pathologist to dedicate his life to Kizomba & Foxtrot.

Today Ronie is one of the most requested Kizomba teachers in the world and has been giving workshops & Master classes in countries as USA, Taiwan, Russia, Israel, Germany, Belgium and Latvia, among others. He has taken Mestre Petchu & Vanessa Kizomba & Semba Teachers Course and travelled around the world taking classes with the most respected Kizomba teachers.

In Scandinavia he introduced the new dance style “FoxKiz” (Foxtrot with Kizomba touch), which has expanded fast and its now very popular in the northern countries.

Ronie is known for his musicality skills and smooth Kizomba style, influenced by foxtrot. Even though he makes advanced footwork and choreographies, he still emphasizes the importance of the Connection, Feeling & Flow with the dance partner. Having practiced meditation & mindfulness for 10 years, he says:

“The moment you realize that your soul is connected and ONE with your dance partner – and Everything else in this world – you become truly present in your movements and your dance experience reaches a whole new level.


Pedagogical and incredibly inspiring. Ronie opens up and makes everyone laugh and feel good throughout the course. With an enthusiastic approach, he is a true pioneer in Kizomba!


Ronie's way of teaching is very clear and easy to follow. He creates highly positive and inspiring atmosphere with his presence, amazing musicality and skills. The details he gives are useful for dancers regardless of their level. The workshop was one of the best I've been to!


Ronie is a positive, smiley and accurate Kizombateacher, who can create a calm and safe atmosphere in his classes. It is easy for everybody to learn in this kind of learning environment!


Ronie is a great and pedagogical kizomba instructor who truly can inspire a big group, regardless if its beginners who has never danced before or advanced dancers. During his classes he delivers more than just the dance and interesting steps, he often comes with personal advices and thoughts that challenges me to explore and develop my own style as a dancer. Always with humor and most importantly; sharing the joy and passion for the dance. Ronie really puts his own touch in his classes and I always look forward to participate!


We have been active dancers for the last 25 years and managed to participate in a large number of workshops for a large number of danceinstructors. We had heard about a new dancestyle that begun to gain a foothold in Sweden. Curious and excited we notified us to a course in Kizomba where Ronie Saleh was the instructor. On the course there was a large number participants who surely were as excited as us.

Ronie started up the day and enthralled us from the first moment with his passionate commitment and charisma. Pedagogical and calmly he went through the kizomba-steps. Ronie has a quality that many instructors lack, which is his musicality and ability to show and explain how you can interpret the music into the dance. He`s really professional and structured, and you can tell that he has a thought behind his workshop-setup. He was always shining, and nobody could miss his passion for the dance, which was immediately transmitted on the participants. We had fun and the atmosphere was always calm and easygoing. Everyone was given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and those who wanted more challenges were given the opportunity to practice more with advanced details.

Thanks to Ronie we are from this moment in love with dancing Kizomba!

Tony and Kimberly


First place in Advanced Foxtrot Jack & Jill Competition 2014

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