8 embarrassing situations that every bachatero and bachatera lives (at least once in a lifetime)

Have you experienced any embarrassing situation dancing bachata whether you are just starting to take bachata lessons or have been dancing bachata for many years? I do, and in fact I'm sure that at least once in your life you will have lived or will live some of these 8 shameful situations dancing bachata that we're going to tell you here. Dancing is a spontaneous action and although the choreographies are memorized and practiced to infinity, there can always be unexpected and funny situations that you live when practicing your bachateros movements in social, don't you think? So if you are in some embarrassing situation when you dance, don't worry because everyone who practices and tries it will experience it in one way or another.... + read more

Alex Alberola and his experiences as an International Sensual Bachata Dancer [Interview]

Interview that the go&dance team did with the sensual international bachata dancer Alex Alberola. He tells us about his experience in the world of dance. How he began his artistic career and how he has managed to be in the largest bachata congresses in the world as both teacher and judge in some of the cases. In fact, many dancers and dance teachers would like to know how they could grow as professionals in the competitive world of dance. They would also love to know how to get hired at international dance congresses and even how to get paid more for their caching. And the truth is that there is no single strategy, no one who has the key to achieving it. However, there are people who like Alex, working hard, moving their keys well and setting their goals have achieved this. Here's what you'll find out in this article.... + read more

The best bachata songs to dance

If you like to listen to bachata we recommend this series of bachata songs to dance with a little bit of history of this magnificent rhythm. Go ahead, go in and a bachatear.... + read more

Bachata steps for beginners

Estas buscando algunos pasos básicos de bachata para principiantes porque cada vez que escuchas una canción de bachata se te mueven los pies, sientes la música muy dentro de ti, pero te da vergüenza bailar porque no sabes, o crees que no sabes?... + read more

3 differences between dancing sensual bachata and dancing dominican bachata

If you want to know how to dance bachata, you may not know that, although bachata is a unique style of dance, there are different trends and evolutions of original dance style in the world, such as Dominican bachata, sensual bachata, modern bachata and so on, and even countless names and possible combinations. The fact is that bachata is currently booming and regardless of the trend or style you choose, I will tell you the 3 main differences between dancing bachata sensual and dancing bachata dominicana for you to choose or decide which you prefer to dance having more information at your disposal.... + read more

The Origins and Evolution of Bachata Dance

La bachata está de moda. Pero en sus orígenes la bachata no fue muy apreciada por la sociedad, con el tiempo ha ido evolucionando y ganando un importante sitio en la actualidad del mundo del baile. Poco a poco, la bachata ha ido llegando a muchos países y contagiando a todos con sus sensuales ritmos, pasos de baile y sobre todo con sus románticas letras. ¿Quieres conocer cómo surgió la bachata? ¿Cómo ha sido su evolución hasta convertirse en lo más bailado en las salas actuales?... + read more

4 Basic Bachata Steps To Dance Any Song

As you should know bachata lives in the last years its golden age, as it has become one of the dances with more followers. A relatively easy dance for the beginners and where the most expert dancers have many possibilities to show their talents. Emerged in the 1960s in the Dominican Republic as a transformation of the bolero to Antillean tastes, nowadays it is not missing in any dance hall or school that boasts.... + read more

6 Keys to Learn to Dance Bachata Like a Pro

Every time we want to learn a new dance style like bachata, it is possible to reach an acceptable minimum level in a short time, a level with which you can dance bachata throughout a song with anyone, although girls always get it first. To reach this level in a few months is essential to learn to dance bachata, practice a lot and train with professionals.... + read more

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