If you're starting to dance bachata in your dance classes, if you're seduced by the songs, ideally you should choose those bachata songs that have a slower rhythm. In them you will better locate the times to do the steps and you will be better assimilating the movements.

Bachata was born in the Dominican Republic, starting from the Latin American bolero, in the 1930s and 1940s. Today this dance is still present in all Caribbean countries and has spread throughout the world thanks to its sensual, melodic and romantic rhythms.

Do you like to listen to bachata? How are you doing with the dance? Do you know the basic step or do you also dare with other figures? If you haven't heard much bachata, we will propose some irresistible songs, ideal for you to get to know the genre. If you are an amateur or a fan of this dance, we remind you of the most listened to, most demanded songs. Share this article for others to read.


The origins of bachata: four stages

The bachata throughout history has been going through different stages.

  • First stage. Jose Manuel Calderon is the undisputed figure in the early 1960s. With a marginal character in the beginning (it was considered irreverent music), little by little it spread throughout the Caribbean island.
  • Second stage. It happens between the 70s and 80s, a musical decade in which bachata is extended and refined, with artists of the stature of Leonardo Paniagua, Mélida Rodríguez "La Sufrida", and Luis Segura, giving the bachata a much more refined touch.
  • Stage three. It is the phase of its international expansion. In the 1990s, bachata began to be digitized and known all over the world, thanks to Teodoro Reyes, Zacarías Ferreiras and Luis Vargas, among others.
  • Fourth stage. This is the present moment. Some very influential names in the current music scene are spreading bachata with records and concerts in different countries. It is necessary to quote the popular Romeo Santos, Juan Luis Guerra, Daniel Santacruz and Prince Royce.

Indispensable bachata songs

Eunel - "El Mismo"

Eunel Torres, better known as Eunel Nueva Era, is a bachata singer from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

After more than ten years of career, Eunel has been one of the Latin artists who has contributed most to the expansion of bachata. Composer, singer and guitarist, he started a career as a soloist in 2014. This song,"El mismo", is a sample of his bachatera music.


Optimal - "Vuelve"

And since there was no shortage in this list, there had to be someone Dominican to represent the origins of the genre. A beautiful bachata song by the band Óptimo.

Like Eunel, Optimo was also born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Washington, listening to soft rock musicians like Michael Bolton. When he had to choose his musical path, he did so by choosing bachata and similar rhythms.


Joe - "Quiero"

Among the many versions that Joe has released on the market, of different songs, is this song,"Quiero", which the artist sings with the well-known mellow tone of his voice.


Marc Anthony - "Vivir Mi Vida"

The catchy rhythm of "Living My Life" has flooded the dance floors. Ideal to begin to dance bachata, and to be impregnated with its sensual rhythms.

Marco Antonio Muñiz had his childhood absorbing the rhythms that surrounded him in New York, especially rock and blues. As a young boy he began his career as a singer in clubs and discos, where he became very popular.

From the 1990s onwards, he became very famous among Hispanic audiences in the United States and throughout the Americas. The New York Times itself called him "the king of salsa."


Toby Love - "Tengo un amor"

This song is a combination of bachata, pop music and other modern rhythms, ideal for hip movement.


Prince Royce - "Darte un Beso"

A very romantic theme, with which many bachata apprentices have taken their first steps in dance classes.


Dancing - Enrique Iglesias y Gente de la zona - "Bailando" (Dancing)

Among Enrique Iglesias' incursions into Latin rhythms is this catchy theme, ideal for catching the movements of bachata. Version of Ephrem J.


Romeo Santos - "Eres mia"

Romeo Santos' unmistakable voice is the best accompaniment for dancing, and also for listening all day long, anytime.


Of course there are many more and we have left some great classics and new bands that are growing very fast but now we ask you the following questions.

You know these songs? Have you ever danced them? Share this article if you think this music might encourage bachata dancing.


Image sources: Coveralia / LapotenciaMusicalMusical / flowhot.me