Have you experienced any embarrassing situation dancing bachata whether you are just starting to take bachata lessons or have been dancing bachata for many years?

I do, and in fact I'm sure that at least once in your life you will have lived or will live some of these 8 shameful situations dancing bachata that we're going to tell you here.



Dancing is a spontaneous action and although the choreographies are memorized and practiced to infinity, there can always be unexpected and funny situations that you live when practicing your bachateros movements in social, don't you think?

So if you are in some embarrassing situation when you dance, don't worry because everyone who practices and tries it will experience it in one way or another.

If you are constant practicing your bachata steps it will improve your technique, but it will increase the chances of living a shameful situation by dancing bachata.

Without further ado, we start with the 8 experiences that will make you red or red when you bacchat sometime in your life.

1# You feel a spectacular heel or stomp by mistake and your partner dies of shame (or vice versa)

Has it ever happened to you that you stomped on your partner or the couple next to you and turned red?

If it hasn't happened to you yet, you're very lucky because it's very common to be the victim of a stomp.

Have you also been hit with a heel or stomp by mistake and seen the stars? That's the most common reaction since the stomps are rarely painless, especially if it's a girl who puts the heel to you, as the heel tip can leave even bruising on the foot.

But the most embarrassing part of this situation is to stomp on it, because receiving it only causes pain.

On the dance floor, people have been seen jumping out of pain and even screaming... So, you know, this situation is a routine in the bachata dance halls. Be careful!

sufres un pisotón bailando bachata

2# You suffer unexpected and treacherous flatulence

This is something that is not likely to be discussed in schools or mentioned in public... precisely because no one likes to talk about flatulence or it may seem like a shameful subject.

Have you ever been in a ballroom and suddenly smelled awful?

And yes, your dance partner or the one next to you has probably been comfortable. And at that very moment everyone thinks it was the one in front...

However, this is not the most embarrassing situation of all. If you are part of a choreographic group in which acrobatics are done, in this style of classes you have seen scenes of all colors.

And if, more than one has escaped some flatulence especially in movements of force with the body, overture of the legs or others. However, choreographic dancing develops a very good relationship of trust between its dancers and there is no other option but to enjoy the moment and laugh in such situations, after all, is a natural fact of the body.

pedos al bailar

Pict by lavozdemaovalverde.com

3# You feel a momentary body incoordination that makes you blush

This is one of the most common situations, especially for those who start dancing bachata. And yes! We all live it at the beginning of learning to dance bachata... since nobody is born with the learned steps.

The first difficulty is in the combination of the feet with the movement of the hip, but the difficulty increases when the movements of the arms and the headstyles are incorporated especially to the girls.

You sure you felt like a dizzy duck learning to swim, didn't you?

But quiet, that only happens at the beginning and once your body memorizes the dynamics it moves naturally and fluidly to the rhythm of the music.

For this reason, if you start dancing bachata we recommend that you dance in front of the mirror and record yourself, so that you can see how you can improve those uncoordinated steps and feel highly confident of your movements on the floor.

4# You sweat a lot and it gives you something to dance bachata with someone, or you dance with someone who sweats a lot and you're ashamed to tell them

If you think that using deodorant you will avoid perspiring that is wrong, because even the most impeccable perspires. Of course, each person to different degrees.

In fact, there are people who can sweat in a very exaggerated way, and even if they wear deodorant and perfume, it does not prevent them from touching "wet" or in some cases from smelling bad.

First of all, it can be embarrassing to simply mark the color of perspiration on your shirt, but the most embarrassing thing for you is that perspiration comes with the added smell.

If you ever feel like nobody asks you to dance, it's probably your sweat that scares them...

For this reason, I recommend you bring a towel, deodorant, perfume and spare clothes. This way you will be able to improve perspiration as it is something natural to the body and necessary, but with constant hygiene on a night of bachata dancing will be much better.

Have you ever danced with a person and literally danced with a body that looked like it was taken out of a pool? how do you feel when you notice that your body is totally wet from perspiration? how do you feel when you've danced with a couple that smelled beautiful? how do you feel about it?

I'm sure these and many more questions will dance through your head in these situations, but don't worry, because it's very common to sweat when dancing.

So you know, keep a good hygiene and bring your replacement kit for those treacherous sweaty nights!

5# You try a new step in style and unintentionally hit your partner

The style is a part of the dance that makes it much more attractive to the viewer and shows that more sensual part of bachata.

But obviously, when you start practicing it it's best to be very cautious because there may be unexpected accidents.

Have you ever wanted to mark one of the stylish steps you have been taught in your bachata school and mistakenly slapped or elbowed your dance partner in the face?

Whether it's a small space on the track or because you didn't calculate the distance of your hand well, don't worry because we've all been victims of a slap or we've given it unintentionally.

Generally your partner will not get angry because he is more aware of the pain... hehe just apologizes, smiles and keeps dancing. And if he doesn't ask you to dance again, don't worry. No one wants to be slapped in the middle of the floor, so you'd better go and find other dancers.

In this case the boys are the ones who have to be more like the parrot, since the girls love to mark those steps with their arms well stretched, comb their hair and constantly play with them since styling is a sign of dancing at an advanced and technical level... but watch out guys, who sometimes come with surprise!

6# Your cleavage is too visible after a sudden movement

I'm sure a lot of you love to get cute and go dancing on a Saturday night, and you're probably wearing a little cleavage. Life is very short and you have to show off, right?

It's just that it's one thing to wear it and the other thing to have to dance bachata with such a well marked neckline. Inside the bachata, there are calmer and more elaborate steps.

Who hasn't had a problem with back-tacking and with a sudden movement the top has fallen off or moved, or even worse, a part of the breast has come off?


The girl's face in this situation is spectacular or probably lights up like the color of a tomato of shame.

Don't worry, these things happen!

Although it is obvious that the person who comes out part of his breast dies of shame. But even professional choreographers have been able to break a bra strap or other scenes.

7# You "freak out", slip and fall on the floor

Most of us want to impress the person we're dancing with and the moment you're given a step to improvise you have the opportunity.

But the best part is that in your head you imagine you're going to impress him and suddenly you make a strange movement, slip and fall to the ground of emotion.

And if the floor is probably very slippery, your shoes are old or you find some other wonderful excuse. But the reality is that you didn't get to do those 3 laps in a row, your feet crossed or the song was too fast.

But everything's fine, just get up, laugh, and keep dancing.

The worst thing that can happen in these situations is that you get a bruise or pain for a few hours in the affected area... otherwise forget it.

The next day will be the one on the side who falls and you help him get up.

8# You think of a spectacular neck movement and it's fatal

In the bachata videos you can see how attractive the feminine movements of the head are.

And the truth is, they look very nice in the choreography... but when it's your turn to mark them, what happens?

I'm sure that many of you have been confused with the movement of your head, that you shake the boy's hand, or simply that he waits for the movement and you remain intact because you didn't even interpret it.

It may seem funny, but some have even ended up with collars because of the beloved neck twists that have to be marked very precisely and that have to be understood and interpreted smoothly.

So you know, practice with great caution the movement of the neck and calm if you do not come out the first time, requires a lot of practice and perseverance for the result to be the same as the videos of the great professionals.

Do you feel better after reading these 8 embarrassing situations and seeing that it's no big deal?

I'm sure you will.

So everyone leave the shame at home because every time you go out dancing bachata you will have a new anecdote to tell your classmates.

Now it's your turn!

Share your anecdote with us, we are eager to discover real and different situations.