Top 10 Best Dance Quotes in Images

In this post we share two passions as the cinema and dancing of course. Everybody tries to be a superstar.... + read more

10 original plans for the good time

The winter ends and the sun returns to allow us to leave without the restraints of the coat. The brightness of a clear day makes us forget how limited cold and rain can be. The time has come to take advantage of the street.... + read more

How to have a good time? 5 activities that are fun, cheap, and healthy

Life is often troubled enough to not enjoy life properly. With or without money, there's always a fun and healthy way to spend your time, such as joining dance classes and going dancing on weekends with your friends.... + read more

5 big reasons to sign up for dance classes today

It is well known that when we dance we transmit joy, sympathy, closeness, desire and, above all, we project our true personality. In fact, thanks to dance we release stress, approach the opposite sex and uninhibited ourselves. I'm sure you've already felt it if you've started your dance classes.... + read more

How to deal with the problems of each day while having fun

It is common in the life of every human being to have to face some daily problems, such as lack of time, family burdens and problems, bad economy, stress from studies, pending bills, lack of concentration or some illness. But there is a way to release cheap and fun stress that's infallible. ... + read more

The formula for joyful living (healthy eating + dance)

If you wonder if food influences your life, there are many studies that conclude that the joy of living is conditioned by the diet we eat and the exercise we do. That's why one of the formulas of happiness is healthy food plus dancing.... + read more

7 TOP activities to get to know new people

If you've moved to a new area or city, if you're leaving a marriage or long-term relationship, or if you just consider yourself an introvert and would like to meet new people, there are many activities you can do like the following...... + read more

5 inexpensive ways to exercise to lose weight

If you're worried about your weight and looking for a miracle diet, it's convenient to know that these types of diets don't exist, and when they do the rebound effect later can get you back to your weight loss, and probably overdo it. I'm sure you already know that if you really want to lose weight the most appropriate thing is to combine healthy eating with exercise. The top 10 tips for living a healthy life are...... + read more

This is the perfect formula to meet new people like you

Many people approach the world of dancing to meet new people learning to dance, to release stress, to exercise and/or to enjoy new plans that arise and that you only find out when you enter this wonderful world. If you're already part of this world, you know what I mean, right? (heje);;) The point is that if you want to meet new people you have to...... + read more

It is possible to lose weight and have fun at the same time with this excercise

If you are looking for exercise activities to lose weight or stay in shape and not get bored trying, we present dance as an aerobic exercise activity perfect for keeping fit and having fun while you practice it. Dancing is probably one of the most beneficial physical activities for you and not only for your figure but also for your social relationships, your fun, and even for improving your brain capacity. It seems incredible, doesn't it? ... + read more

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