Where to buy overalls and leggings for women in Barcelona perfect for dancing

Whether you're looking for a place to buy women's dancing suits, a pair of leggings to train, go to the gym or go dancing in this post we'll tell you everything you need to buy (in Barcelona) your next dance outfit. If you enter now we will show you where you can buy dresses, monkeys and ensembles for dancing of the highest quality at the best price if you live in Barcelona thanks to the clothing brand Paula Caliman. ... + read more

Where to buy dance shoes in Madrid

It seems easy to buy dance shoes and salsa dancing shoes because there are multiple options to buy good dance shoes. However, finding stores where you can get advice and buy the best dance shoes in Madrid according to your needs, is no longer so simple, do you think? ... + read more

Dance shoes stores in Barcelona

Are you looking for dance shoe shops in Barcelona to buy new dance shoes? You do well, as the shoes we use for dancing are a fundamental issue. It is of vital importance to be able to dance with comfort and at the same time take care of the health of our feet, and of our body in general. To do this, it is worthwhile spending some time choosing the dance shoe that best suits our tastes and needs. Did you know that 99% of women who have danced for a year wear dancing shoes?... + read more

What clothes do you wear to dance salsa in social?

If you want salsa dancing clothes, fashionable clothes when you arrive at your favorite ballroom, comfortable or comfortable because you have a long night of partying ahead of you, it is important that you choose your clothes well to go out dancing salsa. I'm sure you've often opted for a pair of jeans plus a T-shirt if you're a boy and a beautiful dress if you're a girl, right?... + read more

How to choose the best dancing shoes for you?

¿Me equivoco si digo que el baile te apasiona, te llena de vida, de felicidad, de alegría y que además esperas con ganas a que llegue tu próxima clase o salida a bailar para romper la rutina del día a día y destrozar la pista con tus zapatos de baile? El caso es que para que vuelvas a tope a la temporada bailona, tras la época vacacional, quizás estaría bien echarle un vistazo a la ropa que usas para bailar, al estado de tus zapatos de baile y a los complementos con que cuentas. Pero, ¿por qué estaría bien que lo revisarás?... + read more

GlossDance a new brand of dance shoes with soul

Do you wear dancing shoes when you are going to dance salsa, bachata or kizomba, what brand do you wear? and why did you choose this shoe and not another? Many questions that probably if you're a boy don't ask yourself, but if you're a girl, it's very likely that you do and if you've been dancing for a long time, that you have a pair or more shoes at home, am I right? The fact is that today, just a few days before our 1st anniversary of go&dance, we are talking about the story of one of our special collaborators of the event. We tell you about the beginnings, mission and philosophy of GLOSSDANCE, a new brand of dancing shoes.... + read more

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