The best bachata songs to dance

If you like to listen to bachata we recommend this series of bachata songs to dance with a little bit of history of this magnificent rhythm. Go ahead, go in and a bachatear.... + read more

The best salsa songs to dance

When we start dancing, it helps a lot to know the type of music best suited to learn and evolve, to practice what we learned in dance classes. The best songs or themes, of the style that we like to dance, are almost always the slowest, because they usually give us a marked rhythm and it will be easier to identify the times. In this way we will be able to assimilate the movements, and the boy will have the seconds he needs to think about the next movement and indicate it to his partner.... + read more

10 dance halls to dance salsa and bachata in Seville

If you're looking for a place to dance salsa and bachata in Seville, you're lucky because in southern Spain it's an ideal place to go salsa dancing every night. Have you ever been dancing salsa in a dance hall in Seville? If so, enter here...... + read more

10 places to dance salsa and bachata in Valencia

If you're looking for a place to dance salsa and bachata in Valencia we've created this list of the 10 most famous dance clubs to go dancing in Valencia but if you're looking for the closest club to where you are or the dance hall in Valencia that's open today, I recommend you go straight to the go&dance dance room finder.... + read more

6 places to dance salsa in Las Palmas

If you're looking for salsa dancing in Las Palmas, you're in luck. Today in our dance blog we recommend 6 dance halls where you can go dancing in Las Palmas. I hope you like them and that you leave your comment when you go salsa and bachata dancing in Las Palmas.... + read more

How to know if you are hooked to dance salsa

As we know, salsa dancing and dancing in general brings many benefits for all kinds of people and can be very addictive. Many people have given up smoking thanks to dancing, lost those extra kilos and even found the love of their lives. And there are also many cases of people who, by integrating dance into their lives, have changed it for the better. But how do we find out our passion?... + read more

Live dance experiences on vacation

Do you want to dance and move your body this summer like Shakira, Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez? Do you prefer ballroom dancing or Latin rhythms? Whatever your choice, dancing helps shape your body, improve your health and fitness quickly. If you love dancing and don't want to spend your holidays without enjoying it, if you don't want to forget the last figures you've learned in your dance academy, or simply if you don't plan a good holiday without dancing, you have to find the most suitable place to keep dancing.... + read more

Top danceable songs 2016 of cuban salsa by Dj Judy

The other day I had the opportunity to meet Judit Lacorte (Dj Judy as a stage name). She is a promising young woman, one of the few women who devote themselves to the DJ world in the Latin world, specifically SALSA CUBANA, BACHATA Y KIZOMBA and who today has prepared a short session with the best timba songs to dance in 2016 according to her (DJ Judy).... + read more

How to find where to dance salsa when you travel

Would you like to combine your holiday, whatever your destination, with a good social dancing session? The holidays arrive and we plan our trips. If we love salsa dancing and don't want to spend our entire holiday season without enjoying what we like best, in addition to exercising and remembering the latest figures we've learned in our dance academy, or we just can't conceive of a good holiday without dancing, we have to find the right place to dance salsa in our vacation destination. Wherever you go, I'm sure that not too far away you will find a place to dance, either alone or in a couple.... + read more

10 clubs where to dance salsa in Madrid

Si lo que quieres es salir a bailar salsa en Madrid estás de suerte porque Madrid es una de las mejores ciudades para bailar salsa cada día de la semana. Es una ciudad preciosa, enorme y con varios millones de habitantes por eso es lógico que haya mucha oferta de ocio nocturno salsero como discotecas latinas, salas de baile, bares cubanos, escuelas de sala que organizan fiestas puntuales para sus alumnos. En definitiva, Madrid es una ciudad ideal si quieres bailar salsa sin parar.... + read more

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