Are you one of those who, in addition to taking hip-hop lessons, spend your days watching hip-hop choreography videos to learn new steps and enjoy those incredible body movements?

If your answer is yes, this post is for you!

As you know, continued practice is the best way to learn and improve your hip hop steps. But every day thousands of new combinations of urban dance steps are created and you feel like you need to be up to date, right?

To make it easier for you, here are 3 of the most watched hip-hop choreographies in history (today). So you can access quickly without having to spend hours searching on Youtube.

Ready to watch these hip-hop videos with us?

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3 hip-hop choreographies that have swept over Youtube

1# Choreographies by Tricia Miranda - Over 26 million visualizations

First of all, we highlight the choreographies of Tricia Miranda who has more than 26M visits on her Youtube channel. In this video you can see different dancers dancing their different choreographies.

Tricia Miranda, if you haven't already met a great American choreographer who has worked with the best stars in the world of music... Do you know the singers Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj...?

She is more than a choreographer, she is an influence in the choreographic world of hip hop dance and a source of inspiration for all those who appreciate her work.


2# Kaycee Rice's Choreographies - Over 16 million visualizations

Secondly, we have selected the choreographies and steps of Kaycee Rice.

Kicee Rice trains and dances different dance styles. At just 15 years of age, he has captured a large crowd of followers (225k) with all his choreographic videos on his Youtube channel always dancing to the best hip hop songs.

How you can tell his passion for dancing!

This young teenager is already on the road to great fame. Don't miss these 2 videos from their best compilations.



3# Choreographies performed by Royal Family - over 7 million visualizations

Royal Family's dance troupe has been blowing up the urban and modern hip hop scene.

In fact, choosing your best choreography is very difficult because each one is unique and they all have something peculiar and special.

Enjoy this video with a mix of their best choreographies.

That's great! Did you see how this group moves?

And you? Would you dare to dance this choreography on stage?

And what better way to learn the best steps of hip-hop with these videos that we have shared with you, what do you think?

And finally, we'd like to share this video of the dance journey of one of our youngest hip-hop dancers since she started out: Kice Rice.

And for those who love dance battles, don't miss this battle of Taylor Hatala and Kaycee Rice WOD.

As you know in the hip-hop world, battles are very typical, a very peculiar way of dancing, competing and motivating.


Hip-hop music has unleashed a whole stream of dance that is attracting more and more followers and dancers.

Moreover, it is a dance style that covers all ages, and is already a boom even for the youngest.

Today is the era of hip-hop for kids, teens and adults, so you know, find your nearest hip-hop school and join the world of hip-hop dancing!

Share your story with the current and the hip hop dance. We look forward to hearing your own experience and opinion.