How the Latin fusion band Los Jefes Cuba has grown according to the interview with Olgeriz Montelier

I'm sure many of you are wondering how singers and bands start their professional artistic careers and how they do it to succeed on the stage both locally and internationally. This time the go&dance team had the great opportunity to interview Olgeriz Montelier, creator and founder of Los Jefes Cuba. The singer-songwriter shares his own story with us and tells us first-hand what his entire career as a professional artist has been like so far. Come in, read the interview and share it.... + read more

Alex Alberola and his experiences as an International Sensual Bachata Dancer [Interview]

Interview that the go&dance team did with the sensual international bachata dancer Alex Alberola. He tells us about his experience in the world of dance. How he began his artistic career and how he has managed to be in the largest bachata congresses in the world as both teacher and judge in some of the cases. In fact, many dancers and dance teachers would like to know how they could grow as professionals in the competitive world of dance. They would also love to know how to get hired at international dance congresses and even how to get paid more for their caching. And the truth is that there is no single strategy, no one who has the key to achieving it. However, there are people who like Alex, working hard, moving their keys well and setting their goals have achieved this. Here's what you'll find out in this article.... + read more

Interview with Yunaisy Farray of Farray's Center

Today we had the opportunity to meet Yunaisy Farray from Farray's Center. She is a great person, attentive, passionate, tireless, a fighter, who enjoys dancing, teaching and shining as an international artist, instructor and entrepreneur. She tells us about her beginnings in dance, what motivates her to continue training dancers and to open her Farray's Center in Barcelona. ... + read more

Javier Padilla the Salsa Solist World Champion interview

Hi Javi, it's been a long time since we wanted to ask you a few questions to get to know you better since we've been following in your footsteps as a dancer. You are a world-renowned international artist, you never stop travelling and working in different countries, combining the weekly classes as a dance teacher, choreographer and you have appeared on television. A magnificent trajectory that now, if you answer these questions, we will know. So go ahead, let's hear your story.... + read more

The passion for dance Alieva Rodriguez told by her

The other day we were lucky enough to meet Alieva Rodriguez and couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask her a few questions as we are curious about go&dance for our section of interviews with dance professionals. We had heard that her training as a dancer started as a very young girl in Cuba and we wanted to know more about her so we asked her this question.... + read more

The exciting story as an actor and dancer of Leo Zunda

Today in our interview section, where we meet the artists who make this great world of dance bigger, we interview Leo Zunda. As our mission is to improve people's lives through dance and help them find where to go dancing wherever they are, we take the opportunity to learn more about your story. So, let's get started!... + read more

Pedro Gea from Así Se Baila confess his passion and vision

Hello Pedro, we have known each other for a long time and in our interview section, where we meet the dance professionals who help to make this wonderful world bigger, you could not miss. As we both want to spread the benefits of dancing, improve people's lives through dance and get more people to enjoy our passion for dancing we ask you these questions to know your vision about it. So just tell us briefly...... + read more

8 questions to meet Sonia Cano of Ritmos Barcelona

Ever since I started dancing I've wanted to meet the people who dedicate themselves body and soul to dancing and teaching and who make it their way of life. Today I had the opportunity to meet Sonia Cano and these are the 8 questions we asked her to get to know her better.... + read more

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