10 Kizomba Songs Ideal For Non-Stop Dancing

If you listen to kizomba songs all the time and enjoy the music of kizomba while dancing until the early hours of the morning this article is ideal for you. Since we have selected the 10 most listened to songs, searched on Youtube and Shazam by the entire Kizombera community. We hope you enjoy it and add other kizomba songs in the comments to complete this hit list.... + read more

4 Perfect Cities to Dance Kizomba in Europe

Kizomba is a very sensual and close social dance style, although it may seem very daring to those who have not danced it yet. But I must say that kizomba is danced today in almost every city in Europe and I would dare to say the world. In this article we are going to share with you 4 perfect cities in Europe where you can learn, dance and enjoy kizomba, which is your favourite city to dance kizomba?... + read more

9 differences between kizomba and urban kizz

If you want to know what is the difference between dancing kizomba and dancing Urban Kizz here we tell you the 9 main differences between the types of kizomba that are there when dancing this wonderful dance style. I'm not the first one to do it, nor will I probably be the last, and it's really a very subjective task, as some dancers prefer stylistically one way or the other, and sometimes they lose the ability to see how good the other style can offer. But under my humility and purpose of showing the benefits of dancing around the world we will try.... + read more

All about kizomba dance

If you want to know everything about kizomba, how it's danced, which kizomba songs sound the most this year or where you come from, this is your place.... + read more

Where does the kizomba come from? Origins, evolution and actuality

La Kizomba is one of the great dances of fashion. Beautiful and sensual yet dynamic, contagious and explosive in its rhythm. The kizomba is one of those dances that catches and seduces us. For many people it is a breath of freshness, something new, that fills with emotion, and simple in their dance. Its basic steps are easy to develop, and so is its evolution into increasingly complex steps. ... + read more

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