9 differences between kizomba and urban kizz

If you want to know what is the difference between dancing kizomba and dancing Urban Kizz here we tell you the 9 main differences between the types of kizomba that are there when dancing this wonderful dance style. I'm not the first one to do it, nor will I probably be the last, and it's really a very subjective task, as some dancers prefer stylistically one way or the other, and sometimes they lose the ability to see how good the other style can offer. But under my humility and purpose of showing the benefits of dancing around the world we will try.... + read more

All about kizomba dance

If you want to know everything about kizomba, how it's danced, which kizomba songs sound the most this year or where you come from, this is your place.... + read more

The importance of continuity in the dance classes

When we start our dance classes, we do it with the illusion of learning very quickly. To the initial feeling of a certain embarrassment, that everyone will look at us, follow the desire to demonstrate what we are learning to friends, family, etc.. However, to really thrive and get to master the dance style you must do the following...... + read more

The first day of dance classes, how to cope with it

If you've just signed up for dance classes, you may feel a feeling of being overwhelmed and blocked. What will happen?, I will die of shame?, everyone will look at me?, what if I do the exercises wrong or I don't have style?, and if I go alone or alone... I will even cause compassion and sorrow in the whole world... don't worry and read on.... + read more

Types of Swing dancing, where to dance and where to learn

Are you looking for a place to swing or learn lindy hop? is normal because the phenomenon of swing is expanding in Spain at a good pace... We tell you examples and videos of the types of swing dance that there are, where to learn it and where to dance it in Barcelona.... + read more

Types of Cuban dances

There are many types of Cuban dances that are danced today and today we explain to you what they are, how they were born and how they are danced. Come in, comment and share. Viva CUBA.... + read more

How to dance well any dance

If you want to learn to dance well as a professional you must have patience and practice a lot. But I'm sure these 9 tips on learning how to dance will help you. Come on, dancer or dancer!! ... + read more

Dance classes. When to sign up, how and why

If you're looking to sign up for dance classes at a dance academy, I'm glad you got here. Enter and read the reasons why you should start dancing, find your class and book a free trial to see the level you have. ... + read more

Why sign up for dance classes

Some friend has suggested you sign up for dance classes, but you wonder... why do you have to? What benefits will you get from joining dance courses? or maybe you're wondering what happens when everyone looks at you? or if you can convince your partner to come with you, can you go alone? Do you feel that shame floods your being? Our recommendation is that you try some kind of dance, everyone has doubts and questions to ask but soon become almost insignificant when you start dancing. Believe us and sign up to dance.... + read more

Bachata steps for beginners

Estas buscando algunos pasos básicos de bachata para principiantes porque cada vez que escuchas una canción de bachata se te mueven los pies, sientes la música muy dentro de ti, pero te da vergüenza bailar porque no sabes, o crees que no sabes?... + read more

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