If you've just signed up for dance classes in a school, you may feel a feeling of being overwhelmed and blocked. What will happen, will I die of shame? Will everyone look at me? What if I do the exercises wrong or have no style?, and if I go alone or alone... I will even cause compassion and grief in the whole world.

The first thing you must be very clear about is that none of this is real. All of the students you will see at the dance academy, salsa classes, bachata classes, etc., have learnt exactly the same as you. And they've all been through this first day overcoming that embarrassment that blocks you.

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What to do once inside the class to learn how to dance

When you finally decide to go in, you'll see everyone move their arms and legs, and the teacher says it's just a warm-up... Even though you may think they've been rehearsing all week at home to make a fool of you on your first day, nobody's really going to look at you. They will look at the teacher or other advanced students who copy the figure to make it look the same. Why would they look at you? They know you don't know the figures, just like they didn't know them when they started.

There are people who set an example by their self-esteem. Are you too ashamed to dance? Do you think you don't have the right physique for it? Look at the example of Whitney Thore.

To help you get the best out of your first day of dancing, we'll give you some basic tips.

  • The first thing is that the shame stays parked, right on the street, next to the place where you left your car, or next to other vehicles you've seen before entering.
  • It is important, from the very first moment, to place yourself in a place where you have good visibility, especially what the teacher is doing. If you get in the front row, you'll learn a lot more and faster.
  • Try to feel the best salsa songs, merengue, bachata music, or whatever you've decided to dance. Just focus on the music and try to follow it with your feet. As the dancing classes progress, you can coordinate your whole body.
  • The dance figures are repetitive. The movements and their coordination are achieved by performing them over and over again. Although some of them may seem very expensive to you, they will come out in the end.
  • Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. That's the key. You'll be learning over time. In the meantime, enjoy what you're dancing.

And if you're not sure whether to continue learning to dance or not, remember the benefits of dancing.

Remember how your first day of dancing was? Share it with us, we'd like to read your experience. If it hasn't happened yet, how do you feel about going to dance classes?


One step forward and then another

The first and second day of your dance classes is not about making advances and "measuring" what you know in your favorite disco. In those early stages it will be enough for you to observe what surrounds you and integrate with the environment.

If possible, try to look at the nearest dance school for small, low-level groups that don't have a lot of class time. This will build your confidence.

Don't let shame keep depriving you of great moments in your life, tear down the walls little by little. First one step, then another. Attend the first day of classes, watch (even if that's all it is, watch) and enjoy listening to music. Even if it doesn't look like it, you must have taken a very important step.

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