If you want to learn to dance because you like it, you've gone to a disco and would like to interact with people but you still don't know how to dance or dare to do it out of shame, the best option is to sign up for salsa classes as soon as possible.

Don't you have a date? Are you ashamed of going to dance classes alone and having to dance with people you don't know at all?

Don't worry, it's a mental matter and you can get over it easily.

The first thing to consider is...

The first thing to consider is that learning the basic steps of any dance won't take too much effort. Only with the basic figures or movements, you will be able to have fun going out with your friends, meeting new people, etc.

With the most elementary steps, your friends and the people around you will stop bothering you for not wanting to dance.

After learning these basic movements, a little perfection at home and the right clothes for the dance, the venue or the occasion you are going to attend, you will enter the dance floor very easily.

It's not about giving an exhibition, but making you feel comfortable on the track. We also give you some tricks if you also dance Kizomba.

You don't go with your partner or you don't have anyone to go with, so what?

It is a mistake to think that you will be the center of attention, even ridiculous or a kind of "compassion" of the rest of couples towards you.

First of all, there are always people who go alone, because they don't have a partner, because that day their partner hasn't been able to, etc.

In addition, the academies usually rotate, so everyone dances with everyone. Which means it's the same whether you have a date or not.

In fact, it is the most common thing that for salsa classes the dance academy allows you to sign up on your own or by yourself.

Haz lo contrario que lo que tu miedo te diga...funciona

Some guidelines for overcoming shame

If you've made different attempts at dancing or learning to dance, but in the end you always slow down the attempt, you have to keep going, although it's normal for the frustration to get bigger and bigger.

Among the tricks and mental tools you have to adopt is to set yourself a small goal in every session or dance class.

You can't pretend to be on a par with other people you see. It's not necessary either. Follow your own pace and set a small goal. The first day of class will be enough for you to watch, and meet in the middle of the class.

Try to simulate some movement, the simplest. And there's nothing else, that might be enough for that day.

Another good idea is to look for small groups, with a low level and that generate confidence, and even individualized help.

Among the guidelines you have to follow at first is to focus only on the feet. You should not make the mistake of moving too much from the waist up to "integrate" into the group. Follow your legs and feet, and follow the music.

Here you can see what happens to your mind when you dance.

What is the origin of shame for dancing in public?

Self-esteem problems, shyness, lack of sociability, are often behind a "stage panic" to enter the dance floor.

Surely because of the shame you have lost great moments in your life, such as dancing with friends, having fun at the best party, etc...

The important thing, in the end, is that you know how to break down those walls that keep you locked up. But little by little.

Best of all, when you do a small act of bravery once you realize that those mental brakes go away and your comfort zone increases.

Just one step forward...

As you can see, you don't have to dance like a professional, not like your dance teacher, not like the best students.

All you have to do is take the first step, move your body to the rhythm of music, without thinking about anything else. Try to forget that there are people around you.

You think everybody's gonna look at you, don't you?

Because you've gone alone and without a partner, and that's why everyone will watch you. But you're wrong. People will dance, to progress in their steps, learn new figures, meet people, exercise and have fun.

No one will be looking out for you except the dance teacher, if it's a dance academy.

Learn to overcome your shyness and dance, just like that, without much else to think about. Let the music take you, move your feet, feel the rhythm, and forget where you are, the people around you.

Congratulations! You're one step closer to starting dancing like a pro.


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