Are you a lover of dance and kizomba but shame is one of the reasons why you don't dance?

As we mentioned before, the kizomba dance is a very sensual style, very catchy, and requires a special musical connection and with your partner to be able to dance on the dance floors and not misunderstand in the attempt.

For those who don't know what kizomba is it may seem like a totally extreme dance, but only those who understand the language of kizomba and feel the music know it.

Don't worry, with this post we're going to help you fight the shame of kizomba dancing. And step by step, we're going to give you some advice so that you can safely dance the kizomba dance with your partner.

Without a kizombero embrace you can't fully dance a good kizomba!


Thousands of people dancing kizomba on the beach of Las Canteras, in Gran Canaria


The importance of the kizombero embrace and the connection with the couple

Did you know that the essential step in the kizomba is the hug and the connection with your partner? And yes, the hug becomes the most important part of the kizomba dance as it is the means by which we communicate with our partner.

The embrace allows you to establish a bond of communication with your partner that is maintained throughout the dance. His followers believe that it is a way of intertwining two souls through that closed embrace.

The connection is the main goal, to be able to feel the music and feel your partner's body. Dancing so close to your partner generates a very special energy, which allows you to let go and even enjoy the dance with your eyes closed. The fact that the dance of the kizomba is so close generates a lot of shame and intimacy for those who already dance it or want to learn to dance it. Has it happened to you too?

Don't worry, the following tips will help you to fight this shame and little by little you will feel totally free dancing a good kizomba on the dance floor!

Let's go!

Pareja bailando kizomba abrazados

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The 3 key ways to combat embarrassment when dancing kizomba

Are you embarrassed to embrace your partner among many other situations that brings the closeness of this dance? Do not miss these 3 tips that will mark a change in your fears and insecurities when dancing kizomba.

1# Dare to expose yourself gradually

The best way to combat embarrassment is to expose yourself to those situations that generate that discomfort and little by little, you will see that feeling is transformed until you feel safe and comfortable.

Are you ashamed to embrace your partner completely? Do you dance with your partner and the embrace so close makes you nervous? Do you feel that they invade your space with the hug? Are you ashamed of the visual contact with your partner?

Don't compare yourself to the great dancers or people who have been dancing for a long time or who come from other styles of couple dance.

Each dance has its characteristics, and in the kizomba is the connection, proximity and embrace. As you learn more kizomberos steps and practice, you will realize that without a good hug and body connection you will not be able to follow your partner.

It is not necessary that the first day you know how to mark a good body posture dancing kizomba, but you are open to learn, to do better and feel comfortable.

Above all, do not avoid the kizombero embrace and open yourself to try it and let yourself go.

Learn to embrace your partner gradually, probably at first is with distance, but practice and the desire to do better, will help you fight it.

Encourage yourself to dance that kizomba and even share with your partner that you're starting, and that way, you're sure to understand and even help you and give you some advice or other to improve.

All of us who dance feel that shame and discomfort at first, and all of us at some time or another have had to work to be able to enjoy dancing kizomba.

Image from Victory's Dance

2# Learn to make a mistake

Do you remember how you learned to ride a bicycle? And yes, it was probably based on falls and more falls. However, wasn't that an impediment to not trying again, right?

Do you remember the feeling of happiness when you were able to ride it without falling or being held by anyone? Well, this is one of the many examples that to learn something you have to make a mistake, and in this case the fall in order to be able to ride a bicycle.

Yes, you have to practice and make mistakes in order to learn.

In dancing it's the same thing. You're going to step on your partner's foot, your heads will crash when you're so close, you'll slap him or even fall to the ground when you turn.

And what happens? If someone is born dancing? It doesn't matter, don't be ashamed or afraid to make a mistake, it's part of the process.

First of all, sign up for some good classes to learn how to dance the kizomba. With constancy, patience, effort and perseverance you will see the results.

We assure you, that when you manage to fight the shame of the embrace and at the same time learn new steps of kizomba you will be amazed at your own results.

And there, you will begin to connect with the kizombero dance, feel comfortable and then you will want to perfect, learn technique and improve your style.

Dare to make a mistake dancing so you can enjoy and shine a good kizombera song on the dance floor.

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3# Start dancing with more familiar and trusted people before dancing with strangers

Does dancing with strangers make you even more embarrassed? Do you feel uncomfortable hugging and dancing so connected with someone you don't know? Are you one of those who sit around grabbing your drink because there's no one you know?

You're probably neither the first nor the last person to be ashamed of dancing with a partner, and also if it's with a stranger.

We recommend that to gain more confidence and feel more comfortable dancing kizomba go out to dance in a group. Sure, your classmates go out dancing on weekends or even in your school they organize group outings, go out with them!

Don't forget to visit our website and go out to dance to find your best place to dance.

You will probably feel more comfortable dancing the kizomba with a person you already know, be it a classmate or a friend, and when you feel more confident with this type of dance, open up to continue dancing with new people.

Show the dancers that you're open to dancing and don't stand in a corner watching or having your drink.

Get up and put your signature in front of the dance floor, show that you want to dance, and if you don't dare to take someone out at least be open to be taken out, so it is totally forbidden to put yourself in a corner!

Azzedine & Sara Panero en el Feeling Kizomba Festival 2018

Now you know 3 key ways to combat shame when dancing kizomba. And you, how have you fought your shame with the kizomba dance? We would love to hear about your way of fighting it.

Share your own experience in the comments! So you know, let's leave the shame at home and dance KIZOMBA!