Do you listen to kizomba songs all the time and enjoy the music of kizomba while dancing until the wee hours of the morning?

If your answer is yes, this is your place, and this post is perfect for you!

As you know, kizomba dancing is a very sensual style that requires a special musical connection to be able to dance on the dance floors and not out of tune in the attempt.

So I hope you enjoy a selection of 10 of the best Kizomba songs to dance today and keep dancing non-stop on the floor, at home or anywhere else.

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If you like kizomba songs but don't dance yet, start kizomba lessons now. There are thousands of people who already dance it and enjoy the best dance parties and kizomba festivals all over the world. If, on the other hand, you're still in a little bit of a hurry, throw yourself into dancing Kizomba in social, here we tell you how to get rid of that fear!

10 Kizomba hits to dance to (the most listened to, wanted and seen)

Now, let's go with our kizomberas song list!

Song 1. Dr. James - Você Me Mata

Enjoy the kizomba with this slow rhythm song by Dr. James.

Did you know that the title of the song "Você Me Mata" means "You kill me"?

Have you ever danced with a stranger and felt like you've known him all your life?

It seems that artists are quickened in their hearts just by performing their kizomberas pieces that convey so much sensuality, affection and that behind each letter there is a story to share.

Song 2. Stony - Danca Kizomba

There's no shortage of this song by Stony, a Caribbean singer who has triumphed with her song Danca Kizomba on the international dance floors and congresses of Kizomba.

Don't forget to add this song to your favorite Kizomba playlist.

Song 3. Daddy Killa - Leva-me (Lyrics)

Let's dance to this song in Portuguese by the singer Daddy Killa called Leva-me. A very romantic song with a very marked rhythm of the kizomba.

Did you know this song has over 70,000 searches in Shazam?

Song 4. Soha Feat. Antoine Essertier - Mil Pasos (DJ Paparazzi & DJ Ashhh Kizomba Remix)

The famous Mil Pasos song performed by Soha cannot be missed.

Soha is a singer born in Marseille. Her songs are the result of a crossroads of cultures, of the mix and contemporaneity that the artist has experienced.

In addition to performing his songs in French, he also delights us with this theme in Spanish.

And so you can add some new firefighter steps.... don't miss this choreography by Isabelle and Felicien recorded in the middle of the Parisian streets in the early hours of the morning.

Isabelle and Felicien are international dancers and dance teachers at the MRG studio school in Paris. Follow Isabelle & Felicien on go&dance and you will know all the events they participate in.

What are you waiting to sign up for his Kizomba classes if you're in the romantic city of Paris?

Song 5. Daniel Santacruz - Lento - Kizomba

Daniel Santacruz is an American musician, singer and songwriter born in New Jersey. With Cuban and Dominican roots on the part of his parents, Daniel moved to Santo Domingo from a very young age where he grew up and connected with the music of the country of which he is also a citizen and where he began his artistic career as a singer.

The renowned Latin singer performs this Spanish Kizomba song for us, which has been very successful since its release.

You can also follow Daniel Santacruz on go&dance to find out about his upcoming concerts.

Song 6. Blvck Skyle - Broken Hearted Boy

We live in a world where technology is advancing very rapidly, so you can't miss this Kizomba electronic song on your playlist.

Song 7. Djodje - I.L.Y.

And as mentioned above, Kizomba is not only performed in its original language, it is also sung in English. And for the more romantic.... to dance to this song that as its title properly says: I love you - Te quiero.

Song 8. Dj Puto X - Roça feat Léa

Famous Kizomba song that inspires pure sweetness and tenderness among its dancers.

Did you know that the kizomba dance is based on the hug?

So you know... don't forget to hug your partners well. Kizomba is definitely a dance that requires a lot of connection between its dancers.

Song 9. Ego-Kizomba Remix-Dj Radikal feat Dj Dax


It may seem strange, but this French theme is also part of the kizombero style and is very popular with French locals.


What do you think about the predominant sounds of the violins in this song?

Do you dare to dance the sensual rhythm of the Kizomba between violins?

Don't miss this choreography by Tchint & Janina at the Croatia Nature Dance Festival.

And find out more about the world of Kizomba in this portal of musical news.

What did you think of our selection of kizomberas songs in different languages?

Now it's your turn! Do you know any more Kizomba songs to dance to?

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