If you've ever wondered about the influence that eating can have on your life, there are many studies that conclude that the joy of living is conditioned by the diet we eat. But it is not only the feeding that provides the necessary positivism.

What other things can you integrate into your life to enjoy everyday life with optimism, strength and energy? The activity that will bring you more will be the dance, sign up for dance classes and enjoy your favorite dance floor socializing with people.

Dance and eat healthy. That's the ideal combination. Interested in knowing more and getting the strength you need to enjoy your life 100%?

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Dancing is positive energy

Among the most important characteristics of the dance is the feeling of fullness. By dancing we clear our empty mind, freed from the little problems of daily life, and take a positive attitude. That is, it offers us full happiness. When we have this kind of attitude, life acquires another meaning, joy is part of our being and therefore of our environment.

If we combine the dancing and positive energy it provides us with healthy food, our organism will thank us because it is only through food that we will achieve a better quality of life. As the saying goes,"A healthy body gets a healthy mind.

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If I eat better can I be happier?

Some scientists have reiterated that food is one of the main causes of happiness, since energy, satisfaction and mood are in direct tune with the food ingested.

Consuming the right proportions of sugars, good fats and proteins, will make our body, our organism, is functioning in the best conditions and therefore obtaining a state of fullness.

Happiness is not derived from having money or material goods. Although being surrounded by loved ones helps, if we are not healthy we will not end up feeling good about ourselves, and that is why we cannot be happy. For this it is important to be healthy, in order to have sufficient vitality and achieve our goals.

We must not forget that the functioning of our brain is directly connected to our food.

How many feedings should we take a day?

It is important to distribute food in small portions, at least daily. If we take three large portions or several exaggerated portions, we will not have the expected physical and intellectual performance.

With fewer but better distributed amounts of food, we can give our organism the proper functioning, always remembering that it is "eaten as a king, eaten as a prince and eaten as a beggar". That is to say, you should consume from more to less calories, respecting the order in the scale.

Examples of very positive foods

Some foods you can consume to get more energy and keep your body healthy are:

  • Black tea, green tea

You can replace the coffee with one of the above infusions, which will give you a good amount of energy in the morning and thus avoid the harmful consumption of caffeine.

  • Green Leaves

It's good to eat leafy greens because they offer vitamin E. Insufficient intake of this vitamin can cause depression.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate, the purer the better, helps to relieve stress levels, due to the different properties it has.

  • Dry Fruits

These have omega 3 and vitamin E. Omega 3 fights anxiety and the absence of vitamin E, as we have seen, contributes to depression.

Choosing our food is essential, so it is advisable to buy them in fresh markets, where your food has not been processed by any industry. Organic vegetables are a good option when it comes to market.

It is important to avoid transgenic foods, which can have several harmful side effects on our body.

Do you want to have a full and happy life?

We can conclude that by having both aspects of our lives regulated, with new dance routines and eating patterns, we can substantially improve the quality of our lives.

By achieving an organic balance, our emotions are kept balanced by the good functioning of our body, and with it comes the feeling of fullness and joy of living.

What do you think of what you've read, are you interested in having joy in your life? We would like to read your opinion, experiences and ways you can contribute positive energy. We ask you to share the article, and so many more people will be able to read it.


Image sources: Erasmus in Flanders/ Patagonia time / ConceptoDefinicion.de