Dancing is one of those activities with a lot of benefits for the people who practice it. By learning to dance you get to exercise, interact with other people, work on your brain and have a great time, don't you?

But there is also another side to the dance, in the inner sense of each one of us.

If you regularly attend dance classes, I'm sure a lot has happened in your head. Curious thoughts, good or bad that you have or will have when you dance and we'll see below.

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Thoughts that we don't comment on, but that we have when we dance

#1. Sweat is playing a trick on me.
If you've had a hard day at work, if you've moved around a lot, if you haven't had time to take a shower, change your clothes, etc... you may find that you smell a little sweaty.

That feeling can be distressing! Especially if you participate in partner changes in dance class.

Imagine a Cuban wheel, you won't be able to stop thinking: is everyone realizing that I smell sweat?


#2. These clothes don't suit me.
It's what you think sometimes, or I even get my "love handles" marked.

Although this is simply your perception and 99% of people don't even notice it but it's common to think about it.

On the proper clothes for the dance there are some very useful tips:

Comfort is very important when dancing. Clothes have to help you enjoy dancing, not the opposite. You can't go to your classes or dance in clothes that prevent you from making good moves and performing well.

If you are a woman and you like tight skirts and dresses, think that these clothes can hinder the movement of your legs, even if they look great, there are dresses ideal for dancing.

That's why your legs must be free to perform all those moves. Tight skirts or dresses can be a problem for dancing.

The mental matter also counts, and to enjoy dancing we have to feel at ease. The clothes we wear, whether at the dance or any other time in our lives, can change our attitudes or expressions. Get handsome or beautiful to go dancing. You're going to be with people, wear those clothes that you know fit you very well!

Clothes dance too. You have to consider that the movements and dance figures you perform will look different as your clothes move. Clothes with more flight and less, in some cases the clothes will be more prominent, and in others, with the closest clothes, the most prominent role will be that of your body.

I'm sure you've had more than once this feeling with the clothes you wore.

You must have thought you were wrong and with those trousers, shoes, shirt, etc., you wouldn't dance well.

Or you've put on a long-sleeved shirt with more warmth, and then you've discovered the tremendous heat in the living room. Tell us your case, share it.

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#3. Maybe I smell my breath.
If you're prejudiced when it comes to dancing because you've been told that your breath smells, don't worry. Halitosis is a widespread problem

Did you know that around 30% of people suffer from bad breath, whether due to stomach or mouth problems, smoking, drinking coffee, lack of hygiene, etc.?

Even the great celebrities and celebrities of our time have this problem. Did you know that Angelina Jolie has the reputation of giving off a bad smell from her mouth. It is said that Brad Pitt, while they were still a couple, gave Angelina some pills to fight her bad breath.

But neither is Brad Pitt himself. The Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera offered a chewing gum to the well-known actor, claiming that she "smelled her mouth". He naturally rejected the offer.

Julia Roberts is fond of taking too much peanut butter, which affects her breath.


#4. Ay, ay, ay, ay... I have to dance with the most handsome, beautiful or the one who dances better.
This also happens frequently in dance classes and dance halls. When you make exchanges of partners to dance, wheels, etc., there comes a time when you dance with the most handsome boy, or the prettiest girl, or the best dancers and you think... oh, oh, oh, right?

At that point, wrist tremors can begin, your legs fail, and you've already forgotten if you turned left, right, up or down. And it's weird because you've done it a lot of times.

Besides, no matter how much you want to avoid making a mistake with the girl or boy who dances best, you always miss a move. Concentration problems?


#5. This one sticks too much to dance

Dancing is an excellent method of flirting. It's proven. But if you're not very fond of dancing, going to dance classes alone for that can go&dance can not recommend it.

Dances in pairs are subject to personal styles. Every person has his own. Some students "stick" too much in the dance, and you can think what it is not.

Physical contact through the hands, holding on to the waist, the close crossing of glances and different physical contacts generate emotional bonds that can be used as flirtation in some cases.

Clearly, very few women let strangers take them by the waist. But in the context of dancing, it's totally natural, and trust generates more permissiveness.

If you sign up for school with dance classes in a crowded place, you will find people for all tastes and ages. If you plan to find a partner, you have many options to choose from.

But always act with respect, kindness and tact with the people you interact with when dancing.

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Bonus: Overcoming Shyness in Dance

In the case of many shy people, having to move to the sound of music in front of other people is almost impossible to achieve.

How can you overcome shyness if that's your problem?

Freeing your mind, that is, letting the music flow throughout your body and allowing it to move by itself. You think everybody's gonna look at you? People are going to dance, and no one notices anyone.

The next time you're faced with the decision of whether or not to go, whether or not to take someone out, to enter a show or not do the following?

Count mentally 1,2 and 3 and then you do it. Do not hesitate. You'll see that fear fades the moment you act.



The most important thing is that you enjoy life and dancing is a very good remedy for it.

Leave your fears on the street, and let your body move to the sound of music. Have fun, forget your problems, meet wonderful people, laugh and live.

Have you identified yourself with all these sensations, have you thought about your dancing classes that looked at you, that you were sweating, that you didn't focus on dancing with the beautiful girl or boy and you've overcome it? Share your experience..... We look forward to reading to you!